Throw Pillows a change for the better!

My first ever Journal post on Redbubble! How exciting!

I have been saving this post for a very special moment and over the weekend I believe that moment has finally arrived… the launch of throw pillows :)

I am relatively new to the world of Redbubble. I haven’t been here from the very beginning but I am close to reaching my 2 year anniversary which is a fair effort in my opinion. I can proudly say that I have been an artist, designer, photographer and an all round creative person since birth so I’ll take that as a leg to stand on.

Having a new product that is lifestyle based and aimed at interior design, not just another cheap trinket is fantastic. In fact I have been waiting for RB to step up and increase their product range in a meaningful way. This to me is a step in the right direction, so lets keep the momentum up!

There is certainly an ongoing debate about where we draw the line on selling original work and whether that should be our main or only goal as an artist on RB. I understand there are those on spectrum who think of themselves as ‘purists’ versus those who just churn out pop culture design work for the $$$. I have tried both, I love ALL creative work that is of quality – what I consider quality and believe me, my standards are high. I celebrate all quality work and demand more of it because it creates work for us all. I would like to offer a third approach on this spectrum… how about a platform that gives me a chance to grow as both an artist and a small business person. That is the dream isn’t it.

I can happily admit that not all my work is mainstream and I don’t want it all to be. For those who call themselves a purist, I bet if your work became top selling you wouldn’t be complaining but then again you could no longer call yourselves a purist could you?

When it comes to RB focusing on one style of art or design over the other, I completely understand this argument… to a point. Yes my ‘pop work’ was more successful, sales wise at least in the beginning. It is the nature of pop culture, its content references something that already has traction in the market. Of course it will go to the top of the top seller list. It is what is popular! In saying that, it is important to have a closer look at the top selling and see that not every work is pop culture. In fact many are incredibly smart, well designed and original pieces of work. APPLAUSE to them!

An example of RB listening to artists, something I LOVE LOVE LOVE is the not so new change in simply removing the ‘top selling’ list as default. Now an eye opening list of original works both traditional and pop, photography and digital, serious and funny is compiled on the ‘Found’ feed every day. Shifting focus to quality work is the right attitude.

Obviously this debate cannot be answered in one journal post and we all have our own opinions. I may be biased but after trialling almost every site like Redbubble, I am yet to find another that comes close to listening and responding to what artists want and need. RB is far from perfect but they certainly get it!

Anyway I could talk for hours so now that I have broken the journal seal you may see more of my thoughts from now on. Thanks for reading!

YAY for art and creativity, we need more of it in this world :)

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