Playing With Fire


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Klein 23.2" x 11.6"
Mittelgroß 33.1" x 16.5"
Groß 46.9" x 23.4"
Hinweis: Hat einen 3/16" Rand


  • Häng deine Poster ins Schlafzimmer, ins Büro oder einfach an jede leere Wand, die dir begegnet.
  • Gedruckt auf 185 g/m² seidenmattes Posterpapier
  • Individuell zugeschnitten - für Details siehe Größentabelle
  • 5 mm weißer Rand für leichteres Einrahmen

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My dear mother has always said “Those who play with fire are likely to get burned”. This artwork represents those that are now playing with fire thousands of times hotter than the core of the sun right here on Earth… and we may ALL get burned this time!

This artwork was inspired by recent news about the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, on the same day as the first initial test of the huge particle accelerator / collider. Apparently, some hackers from Greece successfully penetrated the computer systems at CERN from over the internet. The hackers made there way so deep within the CERN computer network that the were only one step away from being able to shut down the 12,000 ton superconducting magnet that contains the proton particle collisions within the ALICE complex at CERN. You can read the news article about these hackers at the link shown below.

Hackers attack Large Hadron Collider

If this scenario were to happen while one of the collision experiments was taking place, it would mean a complete failure in containing both the particle beam and the protons riding that beam at almost the speed of light’. In other words, invoking a catastrophic failure within the LHC that could result in anything from removing Geneva from the world map, to creating a black hole that could not be contained within the magnetic fields generated by the LHC superconducting magnet in ALICE.

CERN is planning their first particle collision experiments around the end of October 2008. This time table may end up being pushed up, as other scientists are continuing to file suits for a ‘cease and desist’ order to have the LHC deactivated until more research can be done to more adequately prove out the theory the CERN scientists are counting on (Hawking’s Radiation) to keep the world safe.

I recently wrote an article with another accompanying artwork about the LHC, which described the multitude of dangers associated with the collider that were not being reported to the public by the scientists that are involved with the project. I was pretty much ridiculed by the majority of people on the content of my article, and now only four days after the start up of the LHC the scientists at CERN are already proving out many of the points I argued in my article. I would love to say “who is laughing now?”, however, there is definitely nothing to laugh about regarding this serious issue.

If you have not already read my article about the LHC, then PLEASE take the time to read it at the link shown below. The issues involved with the LHC could very well become the biggest threat that mankind faces today.

Be Afraid

The artwork was created using quite a number of mixed media techniques. The source image of the Earth used as protons came from a PD image from NASA. Compositing, painting, and other effects were all created in Photoshop. This artwork is difficult to appreciate on the web, as the original is 9600 pixels by 4800 pixels at 300 pixels per inch. It is very intricate in detail on the full-size image, not viewable at viewing sizes over the web.

Hopefully, this artwork will remind you of the potential danger the scientists at CERN are posing to all of us, and make you realize that not all scientific pursuits are acceptable in the world we live in today!

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