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Colors Represented on PC vs Mac Monitors

Anyone else having trouble getting colors to look good online? I usually work on a Mac, but today happen to be logging on from a PC, and my images look radically different, and much “flatter”. I’ve heard friends who work on PCs say they boost the saturation for online posts. So what do I do? Create two entries on RB for each image… one super saturated for PC viewers? Any advice, feedback?

And here’s a related question: Which photography sharing websites portray the color and clarity of your work the best? I think RedBubble and 500px do a good job; are there others? Are there some that you feel represent your images poorly?

World News, Inc. website features Carennac video by A.M. Ruttle / FranceMoments

Funny what shows up when you are tripping around the world wide web… World News, Inc., has a web page on Carennac, France, and the number one video after the intro video is by A.M. Ruttle / FranceMoments on YouTube: “Carennac, France – Images To Remember”…
For more images of France by A.M. Ruttle…
- do a RedBubble search for “Ruttle France”
- Google “Ruttle France”
Link to World News Inc web page on Carennac, France
(Notice the video listed right below the intro video.)
Link to Carennac, France – Images to Remember.

Horse race... which "night" shot do you like better?

There are two images of NIGHT TIME at the Mormon Row Barn in Grand Teton National Park:
1) a darker image that evokes night time (image is clickable):

2) a lighter one (lower ISO) that appears to be daylight, but the stars are visible (this image is clickable also):

Which do you like better? So far, the lighter image is winning based on the number of features and votes; I’m leaning toward #2 above, the lighter of the two. (p.s. This started as “Writing”, and was meant to be a “Journal” entry; go to this link to see the first votes that were cast.

Wildlife Babies Galore! (Star Tribute to A.M. Ruttle)

We humans must be pre-wired to respond to all babies, whether it’s an elk calf or a human baby. So when Amazing Wildlife’s Karen Moore recently surprised me with the Star Tribute to A.M. Ruttle, I was delighted (of course!) and immediately thought of showcasing some of the wildlife babies that are debuting in/around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, this time of year. For a quick blast of these charismatic youngsters, click on the Star Tribute to A.M. Ruttle. And for more wild fun, check out the Special Tributes to these eight other wildlife photographers.…

Thank you, to everyone at Amazing Wildlife, for creating this gallery to highlight noteworthy wildlife photography… and to all of you who come by to visit! Take some time this year to pause when you are somewhere in nature, and listen for

Large images for RB, using a Mac

Steps using a Mac:
1) In Edit mode, Control click on image, and select “Copy Image Address”
2) “Paste” into field or forum
3) Have to change two things in the string that was just “Pasted”:
(a) size specifications (from 60×60 to 800×800)
(b) crop specifications (from “t” to “f”)
4) Have to add “!” at each end of what was “Pasted”

Before adding “!” at each end (but you have to take spaces out):
http :// ih1.redbubble.net/ work.7180368.1.flat,800×800,075,f.ramshorn-what-a-setting-for-these-blacktail-deer.jpg

After adding “!” at each end:

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait