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Spring, Glorious Spring

I am pleased to announce the re-opening of the group “Spring, Glorious Spring”. If you are not already a member of this Group and would like to join, please b-mail me.

Sold a poster!

I was so thrilled to learn that I had sold a small poster this morning! A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.

Sold another i-Phone case!

I just received – much to my surprise – the manufacturing receipt for an i-Phone_6_tough case. I was totally unaware, as no e-mail had arrived advising me of the sale. A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.


I am very happy to announce the re-opening of the Group "Fresh Foods Fantastic and invite you to submit your fantastic food pictures. My friend and co-host, Graeme Hunt and I will be running some challenges in the near future. While this Group is an invite only group, if you are not a member already and would like to join, please b-mail either me or Graeme and we will be delighted to send you an invite In the meantime please help get the Group going again by submitting delicious food pictures.Take your camera with you on your next shopping trip!!! Features will be published at the end of October, which will give you time to submit any Hallowe’en orientated ones, though please make sure that food is the focus.

Kind regards,


Collage Sold

I was delighted to learn that I had sold a collage yesterday! A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.

Cause and Cure

The cause of my problem turned out to be a browser add-on developed by Rich River Media and called “Rocket Tab”. Canada, the USA and the UK are the countries that have been most affected by this malware. It does not appear in Control Panel, so cannot be removed by the normal process. For instructions about its removal, click on one of these links:-



Instructions for removal are available in several other languages on these sites. Just click on the relevant links.

YouTube Warning

I quite often embed YouTube videos in the Description area of my pictures. However, I am now receiving a Firefox warning that the connection to YouTube is not secure and that somebody may be trying to impersonate the site. If you are a Firefox user and you have embedded any YouTube videos in your descriptions, please check them now to see whether or not you are getting the same warning. It may be an error, but better safe than sorry. I have just put a blank space after the colon in the code, so that the link remains, but the video is no longer embedded. Then, when the problem is resolved, I will just close the gap and the video will re-embed. I strongly urge you to check and take this action. Hopefully the inconvenience will only be temporary.

Cudos to DJ!

An Afternoon at the Beach

Scottish Waters
I sold another two cards today – a seascape by my assistant, DJ, and a collage that I made using DJ’s pictures and a shot of a boat in Ullapool by my talented son-in-law, Derren. Both are much better photographers than I am, but do not have the time to pursue their hobby at the present. A big Thank You to fellow artist, Lillydale1 for choosing my work.

Sold 2 large throw pillows

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I had sold two large throw pillows, when I looked on my tablet today, but also concerned that no e-mail informing me of the actual sale had arrived either to my tablet or my desktop computer – just the manufacturing receipt. I estimate that the date of the sale was 19 June 2014. The previous sale of a postcard had also gone to my tablet, but not my desktop computer and – worse – could not be found on the server. Mixed feelings!

Sold 1 tote bag!

It was a delightful surprise to receive an e-mail from Mr.Baxter yesterday telling me that I had sold one small tote bag. My thanks to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.

Back from holiday

Just got back from the Western Isles. The ferry crossing going over was very rough and we had only one really fine sunny day. However, it was wonderful to be with our son and daughter-in-law, whom we had not seen for two years, and I did manage to get some shots. I have not transferred them to my computer yet, so I am hoping that at least some of them turned out O.K. My thanks to everyone who has left comments while I have been away. I will catch up with you in the course of the next few days.


A programme called “ViewPassword” seems to be at the root of the problem. I have uninstalled it in Control Panel and blocked it in Kaspersky. The ads and alerts have now disappeared. I hope that this helps someone else.


I am currently experiencing annoying ads on my homepage and Kaspersky is sending out alerts left, right and centre. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, but it makes no difference which browser I use. I apologize for delays in answering comments, etc. I will catch up as soon as I have resolved this issue. I just got my computer back with a Windows upgrade and two new hard drives plus a quad core processor a few days ago, thinking that all my computer troubles were now over. Now this!

End of an Era

Tomorrow I am going to take my computer in to have an upgrade to Windows 7, and a quad processor and new hard drives installed, so I am likely to be late in answering comments for the next couple of weeks. I will only have my Kindle HDX tablet, which is better than nothing, but I certainly cannot type at sixty words per minute on it! I think that I am up to date with comments at the present moment. If I have missed any, I apologize sincerely.

Nearly There

We are now in the final stages of home repairs and hope to be back in our own home on Monday. It has been a traumatic experience, but were it not for the kindness of a cousin in allowing us to live in her deceased father’s house, while these major works were being carried out, it would have been even worse. Unfortunately her 94 year old father was not into computers, so there was no internet access, which for an RB addict like me was a major catastrophe in itself. I think that I read more books in the last five weeks than I had in the previous five years and was very glad that my husband had bought me a Kindle for Christmas. I did not get any photo ops either. I am looking forward to a return to normality.I believe that I am up to date with my commenting, but, if I have inadvertantly miss…

Ads Begone!

I am delighted to report that I have now got rid of those nuisance ads. If you are suffering from this cyberplague, take the following steps to get rid of them. In Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programmes, find The weDownloader in the drop down list of programmes and uninstall it. Then modify your firewall settings so that it is blocked and cannot get back on your computer. This gets rid of the green flags and underlings. To see how to get rid of the ads in the side panels and below the pictures, if they are still showing, read my previous post. Happy browsing!

Still no joy!

It’s not over yet! When viewing Polly’s “Stunning Clouds” picture, I noted that the word “trade” in her description area is underlined with the “green menace” to the right of it and deals from The weDownload Manager are displaying inher Comments area. Several windows have opened since I logged in just by my moving my mouse pointer. It would seem that this site is riddled with embedded hyperlinks, which are invisible to us, but which we can activate just be scrolling over an area. Not a happy bunny! I have even had a window from Gala Bingo open, when I went to delete a word, while typing out this description, which is taking ages.

Plague of Annoying Ads

I had an opportunity to go online today and my browsing experience has been ruined by a plague of annoying ads, some of which were pornographic in nature and which slowed down the loading of my pages, as well as being a major irritation.…

If anyone else is being assaulted in similar fashion, it is possible to disable the ones in the panels to either side of your page and the ones floating just below your pictures. They are not malware, just nuisances.

However, I have noticed that some of the words in the journal entries on my profile page have been underlined (not my doing!) and a green link appears next to them. I have not tried to disable them yet. It would seem that a different company responsible. An ad for spices, UFX Markets and The weDownload Manager – have appeared on hovering the

Flying Visit

Managed to get online today, as the electricity in the house is still on, but it will be going off once the work starts in earnest. Withdrawal symptoms beginning to set in!


The day after tomorrow we will be moving out of our home while major structural repairs are carried out following flood damage. A cousin has very kindly offered us the use of the house she inherited when her father died a couple of months ago. The only problem is that, as he was in his nineties, he had no internet connection, so except for some unexpected opportunity, I will be offline for the next month or so.…

I am up to date with comments and will return any that are made during my enforced absence as soon as I am able.

I just hope that we will be back in our home in time for Easter. Our insurance company has not been wonderful to put it mildly! I will miss my RedBubble friends, but there seems to be no remedy for it. I recently bought a tablet, but with no internet connection, it will

Made A Sale!

I am delighted to have sold a greeting card of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” yesterday, 13 February 2014. A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser!

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