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Enjoy the fabulous singing of Norwegian coloratura soprano and crossover artist, Sissel Kyrkjebø and may you all have a very happy and prosperous 2013!

No Photo Ops, But A New Sale!

Our visit to Essex was characterized by torrential rainfall, which resulted in the River Chelmer bursting its banks. Due to the impossibility of holding an umbrella and the camera at the same time, there were no outdoor photo ops. I was very heartened, therefore, on my return to find that I had sold a greeting card, “Butterfly On White Dahlia”. A big “Thank You” for choosing my work to the unknown purchaser.


My main browser is Firefox, though I sometimes use Internet Explorer. However, both browsers run very slowly, when I am on the Manage Works page and both freeze and display a message about a non responsive script. This has only happened since the Share button was introduced into this page and it would seem that the page is overloaded. I use Manage Works quite a lot, as it is the only way I can quickly view my stats and until now was the quickest way of locating a picture not in my Portfolio. It would appear to me (a non techno person) that there is just too much on that page since the Share button was put on. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?


I feel greatly honoured that my favourite rose has been included in the ARTIST OF THE MONTH Gallery for the month of November, 2012 in ARTISTS UNIVERSE.

Something Unique

I just added the link to this awesome YouTube video to my “Glory of Music Collage”. However, I think that it is so good that I want to share it with everybody in its own right. Enjoy!

2,663 PAGES

I came across this advertisement in a medical site today – 2,663 pages of framed prints, so they must really be making more of an effort to sell our work. I stopped after the first dozen, which, needless to say, did not include any of my work, but some of our fellow artists might make a few extra sales out of it.


A New Sale

I feel quite elated that someone has bought a card of my “Orange Crown Imperials – Quintessentially Keukenhof” picture! Of course, I have no idea who the buyer was, but if it is someone in the RB community, many, many thanks! You have made my day!

Another Sale

My thanks to the person who bought my bereavement card “Somewhere, Sometime, We’ll Understand” and my heartfelt sympathy in their time of sorrow.

Over 250, 000 Views

This morning I was gratified to find that I had passed the quarter of a million views mark. Thank you to all who have commented on my work and given me encouragement and honest feedback.

Another Sale!

My picture “Raindrops On Sweet Peas” has been purchased again as a greetings card – possibly by the same mystery buyer as before. That makes 3 sales in total on this card.

My grateful thanks to whoever bought it for choosing my picture. It definitely gives me an added incentive to keep on taking pictures of beautiful flowers.

New Home Page

I notice that the Groups “Home Page Virgins” and “Home Page Veterans” still seem to be active. Whether this is an oversight on the part of the management or not, I do not know. Perhaps the page with the big red bubble and the instruction to watch the video counts as the new Home Page?

As I suspected....

Yes, the display problem of the dingy looking whites and pastels, is definitely browser related, as everything appears more or less as it did before in Internet Explorer using both Windows 7 and Windows XP.

The problem with Firefox only emerged with the swinging changes made by RedBubble, though they were no doubt lurking beneath the surface and that was just the trigger.

So, if you use Firefox, do not disable any add-ons! It looks as if I am going to have to uninstall and reinstall it.

Eureka! Solution to Display Problem!

I have discovered that the dirty “smoked glass appearance”, which was driving me crazy, is a browser related issue. When I used Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, my Profile Page was restored to its “former glory”.…

Casting my mind back to a couple of weeks ago, when I updated Firefox, I disabled certain add-ons on the advice of McAfee, which is now going to be replaced by ZoneAlarm.

Shortly after this I went to a site that I visit regularly, but found that, when I tried to watch a video there, it would not display. However, when I visited that site just now using IE, it was fine and dandy and I watched that video with no trouble at all.

I feel somewhat relieved now, but still have to try this out on my desktop computer. If the result is any different, I’ ll post another journal entry.

Is it my imagination?

Is it my imagination or do the pictures in our Profile and Portfolio views look even darker and dingier than when the change was first implemented? Certainly not what I would describe as “bright and beautiful”!

I thought that I was having a nightmare!

As sometimes happens, when I am working late at night, I feel drowsy, but try to finish any commenting, etc, before I go to bed.…

Half awake and half asleep, after commenting on another artist’s work, I decided that I would call it a day, but just put my latest picture into the 100 Views Group, before I hit the hay.

I clicked on My Bubble and found that My Bubble had burst! It has been replaced by a horrible Shop view, which seems more geared to selling than to displaying.

I like to think of my page as a Gallery, where people can view my work and buy it, if they like what they see, not as a shop where my work actually receives relatively little attention compared to my Journal, Favourites and Watchlist.

I consider that these last three should be mainly for my convenience and the convenien

Featured on the RedBubble Explore Page

Today – 7th July 2012 – my white lily picture “Immaculate – Lily With Raindrops” was featured on the RedBubble Explore Page. It took a few minutes for the significance of this honour to sink in and I am now floating on Cloud Nine!
Immaculate – Lily With Raindrops by BlueMoonRose

In fact, until today, I did not even realize that this feature existed!

New Sale

I am so thrilled to have sold another two greetings cards. My thanks to whoever bought them. It has made my day!


This useful tip comes courtesy of Bob Rankin:-

In order to prevent spammers’ web bots from harvesting our e-mail addresses from the web, we should present them with the words “AT” and “DOT” rather than the usual symbols. Now I am going to have to go through my pictures and alter any descriptions giving mine in its original form.

See the original article on the Web:-

Disappearing Links

I have just tried to start a new collection in my portfolio and found that the link which would have enabled me to do so has disappeared. I hope that the Powers That Be are not going to take away the portfolio, as it is a tremendous advantage. You can only upload pictures as you take them. You might add some “blasts from the past”, but you cannot pull the ones you will take in the future into the present or even know what they will be. Chronological order of upload is not the best way to display an artist’s work. If somebody wants a picture of a horse, the logical place to look for it would be in a folder on horses or animals, not in Seascapes or Trees. And if page after page of non relevant pictures lie between your latest upload and the ideal picture, a buyer might not have the patienc…

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