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If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I don’t know about other artists on RedBubble, but I most definitely do not like this new format that has been imposed upon us?…

It takes longer for full size versions of the pictures to load up, a wrist movement, instead of a finger movement, is now required to find the EDIT button, which doubles the amount of time required to toggle between the two windows, VIEW and EDIT, on wide screens, but most aggravating of all is that all the research many people put into their artwork, such as Ralph, Pamela and Andrea, is likely to be overlooked, unless someone is really inquisitive, and the time taken to copy and paste image information into the EDIT area, so that examples of artwork in its different formats is more instantly visible, tempting potential customers to buy, has been wasted, as they

Caught up - I think!

Hoping that I am not speaking too soon, I think that I am now finally up to date with answering all comments, including those on my older art, though it is possible that I might have missed a few here and there.…

My method is to answer comments on my recent art as quickly as possible. With my older art, it is such a laborious task going through the entire list that I just look at the number of comments and, if it is an even number, I take it that I have thanked the person and returned the comment. If it is an odd number, then I know that there is a new comment, which needs my attention.

The problem comes when two or four people have commented on a picture since I last looked at it, and this is the danger area, but clicking on every picture would take way too long. However, eventually new c


Today I decided to make a collection of my collages for my Bubblesite. I could hardly believe that I have made 120 of them since I joined RedBubble. I have come to the conclusion that it must be an addiction! I am already addicted to flowers in general, so as this is a double addiction, it is probably incurable!

Windows Reinstallation

I put Photoshop Elements back on my computer yesterday.…

Due to damage done to my operating system caused by the stupidity of an electrician, who gave me no warning that he was about to cut off the electricity supply and then put it back on almost immediately, while I had my browser, Photoshop, Word and Real Player open, my computer started blue screening.

It was away for a week at the computer shop, where they managed to retrieve most of my data, but I lost all my e-mails and certain other things and all my files were renamed by the data retrieval system that they used, so that it is very difficult to identify files, when there are hundreds of documents beginning with the same five letters and followed by a number! I still have several other programmes to add (when I can find the licence

More Frustration

I could hardly believe my luck, when, very early in the morning, I glanced out of the window and saw two seagulls outside our neighbours’ garden gate. Thinking that they would probably have flown away by the time that I got there, I, nevertheless, grabbed my new camera, which I am still learning to use, and which has twice as many megapixels as the old one, and hurried outside.…

They seemed to be unaware of my presence, so I was able to follow the pair down the street, observing their investigations into people’s gardens for food scraps and listening to their muted communications – a sort of mournful mewing – one with another.

However, the pictures were greatly below expectations. As it was before sunrise, the flash kept firing and this, coupled with the rapid movements of the birds, did n


Some small garden pests were spoiling the appearance of one of my flowers, so I decided to clone them out. Some proved easier to remove than others. Changing the size and hardness of the brush and the source selected helped get rid of them all but one, which resolutely refused to budge. I realized later, when I gave up and threw in the towel, that it was actually a small mark on my monitor screen!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait