You're Accepted!

This is a group about acceptance.. NO DRAMA allowed.

Recent Work

  • Wunderliche Glyzinien von DonnaM
  • Süchtig ... von Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Mechanisch von LozzaElizabeth
  • Cuenca Kids 1202 von Al Bourassa
  • Alpine Krokusse von psychoshadow
  • Die Brauerei von sienebrowne
  • Rohleder Corral 2 von Elaine Teague
  • Die Windmühle, Launceston, Tasmanien, Australien von Elaine Teague
  • Katzenschattenbild Mit Bunten Strudeln von mimio2009
  • In einer anderen Welt von Nerone
  • Hervorragende Person / lustiges Zitat von Naumovski
  • Stoppen Sie, mich / lustiges Zitat abzuhören von Naumovski

About This Group

This is a group of Acceptance; no matter what level you are at with your photography, writing, or designing talents; this is the group for you.
There is no moderator on this group; however, please only upload work you are proud of. Please do not flood the group with numerous entries all in one day.

You do not need to enter your image into the group to enter a challenge
Please note that any artwork, writing, or t-shirt design, that you enter into the group is subject to be used as a challenge or group avatar. You will be notified if/when this occurs.
Features are done on a weekly basis, normally at the beginning of the week; however it is subject to change to later in the week every now and again.
Challenges are created randomly; if you have a suggestion please b-mail me. Barbara
Please remember, no nudity without the safety filter on; we have younger members so please respect that.
No profanity.

See the group rules and join this group here