Wild Nature

In celebration of the beauty of God's creation

Recent Work

  • Der tote Baum von metriognome
  • Ich habe durch den Winter gewartet! von Kasia-D
  • Western Meadlark in Song von Larry Trupp
  • Gefallene Palme von Rosalie Scanlon
  • Kormoran am See (Mariner's Cove) von lezvee
  • Schlafen von Nuno Pires
  • Baby Sea Lion In The Galapagos von Al Bourassa
  • Hausbau von Bunny Clarke
  • Herr Finch im Immergrün von lorilee
  • Gefleckter hölzerner Schmetterling von lezvee
  • Loch Roinavat in der nordischen Mühle von lezvee

About This Group

A photography-only Group for lovers of the natural world. Full colour photographs are required. We are not interested in selective colouring, black and white or sepia. Straight from the camera or with basic edits only. No writing on the images. No designs, blends, abstracts or Orton effect, etc. Collages acceptable only if all frames correspond the the above criteria.

Winner Avatar Challenge

Amanita Muscaria by Jo Nijenhuis
Winner *Autumn in the mountains

Ohio Creek Valley, Colorado by Tamas Bakos
Winner"Waterfall natural" challenge

“Devil’s Throat at Iguassu Falls, Brazil & Argentina.” by Carole-Anne

“Barron Falls, Barron Nationalpark, Tablelands Australia” by Angelika Vogel

“Cascade, Milford Sound, New Zealand” by Elaine Teague
Winner:Birds in the wild challenge

In Unison…. by Larry Trupp
Winner Avatar challenge

Great Blue Heronby debidabble

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