!THROUGH THE EYE Of The Lens (1 Per Day)!

Photography Only! No Nudity. Some Images of Humans Are Accepted.

Recent Work

  • Hot and Beautiful Carvoeiro - Weil Sie einen Urlaub in der Sonne brauchen von Georgia Mizuleva
  • Wellen am Strand von Lights von Elaine Teague
  • Die gefiederte Herde von KathyGail
  • Ruhiges Blau von KathyGail
  • Immer in meinen Träumen von Ursula Rodgers
  • Delfine von Norbert Probst
  • Junger Buckelwal von GedTKirk
  • Deep Pink Sunset von GedTKirk
  • Sonnenaufgang Silhouetten von Kathy Weaver
  • Costa De Oiro - die Goldküstenalgarve Portugal von Georgia Mizuleva
  • Chrys Ann - Die Mutter von Len Bomba
  • Große graue Eulenjagd von oben von Jim Cumming

About This Group

A Group dedicated to capture great photographic images you catch with the eye of a lens. When taking a picture, beware also of the surroundings of the image your trying to capture. Don’t just snap a shot of something without observing what’s around this object your trying to take a picture of. The surroundings are usually what ruins a picture if it is not considered before clicking the camera.

Please if your image was rejected don’t be discouraged it’s just not what the group is looking for. Try again with another image. Do not contact host to ask why your image was rejected just accept it and move on.

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