(555) INSTANT FEATURES~(2/day)

Looking for ART Works so Compelling that THEY INSPIRE an INSTANT FEATURE!

Recent Work

  • HEILIGER MOLY von DAdeSimone
  • Anzeichen von HUGS & KISSES von DAdeSimone
  • Du bist gewesen... von DAdeSimone
  • &lt; <DETOUR> &gt; von DAdeSimone
  • ACHTUNG von DAdeSimone
  • Eine kurvenreiche Straße voraus von DAdeSimone
  • Es gibt keine privaten Gedanken von DAdeSimone
  • KEINE Übernachtung PARKPLATZ * von DAdeSimone
  • Hochspannung von DAdeSimone
  • KEIN ZUTRITT von DAdeSimone
  • Unter Überwachung! * von DAdeSimone
  • Gehe vorsichtig vor von DAdeSimone

About This Group

When and if you submit ART to this group think of it as if you are submitting to a Gallery or museum for an upcoming show. The Gallery Owner or Museum Curator, in this case the groups’ Host-Moderator-Curator, has to look at each submitted work of ART and make an instant decision to ACCEPT or REJECT each submission.

A NOTICE will be sent to every ACCEPTED work of ART, and for those artists who list their Features in their “Artist Notes” they can legitimately list the work as FEATURED.

Approximately once a month 12 works will be selected for the FEATURED FEATURES GALLERY. Yes, another notification will be sent to those artists.

Oct 2017
and soon this GROUP will come together and OPEN.
In the mean time you can join this group NOW… so you’ll be ready for the FUN!

There are Hosting possibilities within this Group. If aspects of this Group seem FUN to you feel free to Bubble Mail DAdeSimone to explore the potentials. Likely after two or three other Host-Moderators-Curators step-up and are selected the GROUP WILL OPEN and the fun can begin!!! ;-)))

Note: This Group’s founding Host lives in Thailand, where the Number 5 is pronounced “HA” in the Thai language. On FB when a Thai writes 555 it’s translated as lol ! (555) is used in this Group’s name so it’ll appear toward the top of the list for all RB groups. (555)

See the group rules and join this group here