The Glory Of Summer

Group Rules:

RULES:-Photography only. Natural photographs either “as is” or with minor alterations and enhancements. No heavily edited pictures accepted.

Pictures of landscapes, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, woodland scenes, single trees with blossoms, early fruit or just foliage, groups of trees in parks and private gardens, tree branches, individual leaves, summer flowers, fruit ripening on trees, nuts, berries, seeds, cones, macro shots, fresh food, e.g. summer fruits, (but not pre-packaged foods) will be welcome. No blood and gore, i.e., animal carcasses. Nature can sometimes be very cruel, but we don’t want to dwell on that sort of thing.

Beaches and seascapes welcome as long as there is no suggestion of ice or snow and and they are not crowded with people. Colourful boats in harbours, on rivers and in the sea all accepted.Sunrises and sunsets also welcome. Even rain will be welcome, as long as it is summer rain!

Wildlife appropriate to summer, e.g., a squirrel or bird in a tree with summer foliage or blossoms is acceptable, a squirrel or bird in a tree with autumn leaves or no leaves at all would not be. Cats up a tree do not count, as they are not wildlife. Captive animals not accepted.

No large man made objects such as cars in images. Vases, table tops or windowsills with summer flowers, gates and fences around fields and houses, pathways and roads are acceptable, as long as these are not the main focus of the picture. Horses pulling cartloads of hay or other crops, crops ready for harvest also acceptable, but the crop, not the horse would have to be the main focus of the picture.

Skyscrapers, barns and other large structures would have to be in the far distance.

Still lives accepted, as long as they are summer related and beautiful.

No black and white, sepia or selective colouring. We want to see those beautiful, bright colours of summer.

Default images must be a picture of some sort, i.e., not T-shirts or other products, though pictures of these may be displayed in the Description area or in the Comments area of the picture. No writing or journals, though quotes and poems and embedded videos may appear in the Description area.

A certain amount of writing on images will be accepted at the discretion of the hosts. The hosts’ decision will be final.

Collages will be accepted provided each of the frames corresponds to the Group criteria.

No people or pets in the pictures, though wildlife and farm animals are fine provided that they are part of the picture and not the main focus.

No nudes, obscenity, bad language or suggestive or erotic material. This will be a family safe group. No flaming, hate filled posts or uninvited criticism will be tolerated. We want to build up a warm vibrant corner of the RedBubble Community, as well as providing a place for photographers to showcase their work.

Two pictures a day and features once a month to begin with, increasing to once a week as the group expands. Challenges run alternatively by the hosts.

Images must be of high quality. Crooked horizons, improperly focused images and excessively photoshopped images will not be accepted. On the other hand bird droppings and horse and cow dung in fields, should be cloned out. Who wants to look at them!?