Still Life Floral Arrangements

Group Rules:

Welcome to Still Life Florals!

Photography, Oils, acrylic, Soft Pastels and Watercolours only
(Disclaimer: Artworks other than photography, Pastels or watercolours are admitted only at host’s discretion. No discussion will be entered into.)

This group is for your beautiful floral still life arrangements. See featured images for the idea. The dreamier and more beautiful they are the better.

Flowers just snapped in a vase will be accepted at host’s discretion. We’re looking for high quality work which includes attractive elements and some dreamy filters or textures. Let’s know the setting has been prepared.

No faces, people or animals
No black & white
No buddhas
No nudity in any form


No porn! No Children under 18! No images depicting Violence! No shop Items! The default image only