So Blue

A celebration of the colour, blue - the colour of Heaven!

Recent Work

  • Blue Moon Rose von Kestrelle
  • Wie kalt war es? cc-kalt # 2 von Poete100
  • GLORY DAYZ von WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Die Osterbotschaft von BlueMoonRose
  • Blackwood River Rocks, Bridgetown, Westaustralien von Elaine Teague
  • Reflexionen und Linien ... Barcelona von Angelika  Vogel
  • stilisiertes Pfauenfedermuster von VrijFormaat
  • Entwurf von Yampimon
  • "With the Head in the Clouds" from the series: "Angels of Protection" for Kids von Anna Miarczynska
  • Gottes Antwort auf das Gebet von hummingbirds
  • Auszug 10515 von Shulie1

About This Group

A photography-only Group to celebrate the beauty of the colour blue. Flowers, birds, fish, skyscapes, seascapes. lakes, underwater shots, man made objects such as boats, cars, furnishings, interior decor, food and still life photography are all accepted. Collages, montages, fractals and other abstracts welcome as long as they are predominantly blue.( At least 70% of blue colors)No people or pets in the pictures. No selective colouring. No excessive editing such as tone mapping, overdone HDR, Orton effect, etc. The Hosts’ decision will be final.

The winner of our new Group Avatar Challenge is cclaude with his picture Motion In Blue

The winner of our Challenge The Blue, Blue Sea was Imi Koetz with her picture "The
Sailing Boat in Fog*

The winning picture in our Challenge I’m Dreaming Of A Blue Christmas was Winter Knick-knacks by Arie Koene.

The winning in our challenge"Moonlight blue"was"Blue Moon" by The creative

Winner Avatar challenge,

Still life by Andy Duffus
Winner"Beautiful blue pattern" challenge

“Blue Dahlia Lace on Navy” by HelenPDesigns
Winner"Blue landscape" challenge

“Dogtooth Lake” by Larry Trupp

“Valley View of El Capitan and Half Dome " by Bunny Clarke
Winer*Lovely blue flowers*challenge

Blue white flowers by Regina Valluzzi
Winner*Avatar* challenge

The Swiss Alps and the foggy Black Forest by Imi Koetz

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Membership of the group is by invite only.