Rising Stars

Passionate artists on the rise!

Recent Work

  • Unter den Stiefmütterchen von Sandra Foster
  • Großer Sonnentau von Ben Loveday
  • Frosch 3142 von João Castro
  • Neugierige junge Elster ... von Tracie Louise
  • Planet Makro von lomomograph
  • Du fütterst mich oder was? von jammingene
  • Makellosen Sands von SunriseRose
  • Beeren für die Vögel von SunriseRose
  • SOMMER BLUES von leonie7
  • Warum willst du mich nicht küssen? von Ben Loveday
  • Spaß am Strand von leonie7
  • Süßer Bower .... von Tracie Louise

About This Group

If you are a student of the arts and/or passionate about your work
this group is for you!! We will provide plenty of opportunity for you
to receive critiques, honor, praise, recognition and inspiration
and best of all, a place to showcase your work, and even meet other artists!

We’d like it if you went to meet the artists and introduced yourself to the group please post your own thread in meet the artists

We look forward to recognizing your work, as well as getting to know you, what your inspirations are; your instructors, your visions… and in the process, we’ll all be inspired, I’m sure. We hope you find our group to be different than the others here on RB.
Wishing you many blessings and inspirations in your artistic journey!!

See the group rules and join this group here