Rising Stars

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  • Leyla Hur

    Universal Reunion by Leyla Hur

    Her awareness in cognition of the connection.
    Understanding that her cut equals your cut.
    Will you love in uncondition of the condition,
    that can never be unconditional?

    322 words
  • Leyla Hur

    Change by Leyla Hur

    Walking to the beat
    of paths untrodden
    in symbiotic semblance
    of what was once reality.
    Now created to the reasoning
    of minds own creation.

    225 words
  • Leyla Hur

    For You by Leyla Hur

    Bathing me in sensual divine awakening
    with the look from their smiling
    dancing eyes, looking in appreciation
    of my full Goddess beauty and potential.

    91 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Taking back control... by shelleybabe2

    You no longer have an hold.
    For I’m taking back control.
    No power, over me.
    I was blinded, don’t you see!
    For I’ve nothing left to give.
    Nothing but an empty sieve.
    Nothing but an empty hole.
    It’s time for …

    84 words
  • AroonKalandy

    On one's Reading Habits........... by AroonKalandy

    I have been an Avid reader since I was a Kid this High.
    That has been my Hobby for so many years and even after I caught
    the Photography Bug , Reading always came first.

    420 words
  • TheCandle

    I talk to the dead by TheCandle

    I talk to the dead
    with such tender ease
    my mother my father
    the friends who I please.…

    Many sad tears
    much lost to the breeze
    yet my hat’s in the ring
    still a tickle – a tease.

    But alive in your world

    120 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Welcome to my world.... by shelleybabe2

    I’m not the same person.
    I once was before.
    Pain has changed me.
    For the worst.
    And your ignorance of understanding,
    Leaves me sick to the core.
    For you have never experienced, my life before.
    All of the hu…

    187 words
  • TheCandle

    Irdenes by TheCandle

    Now I feel the weight of your body
    pressing me,
    tightly to the ground
    so kneading me.
    pressing me naked
    to the forest floor.
    my fo…

    343 words
  • TheCandle

    scrambled egg with salty tears. by TheCandle

    ruthlessly we tossed our precious egg
    back and forth between us
    hoping it could be saved through the storm
    hoping it would not be broken
    we still fought like there might be
    no tomorrow
    hoping we could esca…

    68 words
  • TheCandle

    this artist by TheCandle

    This lonely artist
    so sweetly longing
    this artist…

    hoping for that special
    heart that can hear

                 the lonely song of
    pleasure ache that sings

    to her


    136 words
  • byzantinehalo

    weaving a purposeful thread by byzantinehalo

    from your past

    38 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Ignorance... by shelleybabe2

    You can see a broken leg.
    But you can’t see, inside my head.
    Invisible, to the human eye.
    One may not feel, nor empathize.
    Come in different size’s.
    Mentally or physically.
    Unable to be seen…

    129 words
  • byzantinehalo

    Haiku by byzantinehalo

    dark sky
    the moon is on its way round
    America tonight.


    11 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Bring me back to life.... by shelleybabe2

    Bring me back to life.
    Let me see the light.
    Revive me through this,
    dark & dismal night.
    Let me see the light.
    By giving back my sight.
    Let me breath the air…
    As pure as can be.
    Give me back my love.
    I gave …

    78 words
  • vampvamp

    dissolve by vampvamp

    my value, my worth, me,

    39 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Just existing... by shelleybabe2

    Just living
    Just dealing
    Just existing
    Without feeling.
    Stuck on self destruct
    Beating oneself up.
    Stuck in a constant rut
    Stuck where you wanna give up.
    Working overtime
    Stuck in overdrive
    Living to survive

    124 words
  • byzantinehalo

    in search of you by byzantinehalo

    inside your insides
    where you beat
    in time
    with your heart
    and vulnerable
    between organs
    bone and flesh
    the spark of fire
    that is you
    singularly individual.


    30 words
  • byzantinehalo

    Haiku by byzantinehalo

    silk kimonos
    rustle with each step into
    fading cherry leaves.


    10 words