Rising Stars

Group Rules:

Please only upload up to 3 works per day!

Thank you for your heART and we encourage your input and ideas of how to make this the most righteous group on RB!!

Please submit your best work. All mediums of art welcome, but we do not accept journal entries. Please respect my personal beliefs and do not submit images of meat or fur products. Images depicting abuse or anything horrible like that will not be accepted… hopefully you already knew that.

All work is moderated prior to being accepted. Group moderators reserve the right to remove any work that does not meet group requirements, is offensive or of poor quality. It is very rare work gets rejected, however. Group moderators reserve the right to delete users from the group as deemed appropriate.

Add your art to the challenges too! We haven’t had too many but it’s fabulous when people enter, and don’t forget to vote! A group msg will be sent when a challenge begins. We aren’t picky hosts, won’t delete images from challenges if it’s not in the group yet, but please get around to it. This way you can be featured if you win :)
We don’t send a million group messages here, so if there is a new one you should check it out! New featured member every month, new group of featured images every 1-2 months, and occasional challenges are usually the topic of any group message.
Follow your heART and never give up!