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The City is the latest RedBubble publication where we aim to showcase the best work visual and written work on the Web. With over $5,000 in prizes, The City is open to all works that explore the complex, dynamic vibrant world of concrete, glass and humanity that are urban environments all over the world.

The best works will be selected for publication in the book “The City” to come out in November and available for sale through RedBubble.

We publish these books regularly as a way for the RedBubble community to showcase their work in a professionally presented and designed book working with a copy editor. It’s one way RedBubble provides opportunities for professional development for its members.

The top written and visual work will receive US$ 250 in cash each and a $US 250 RedBubble voucher. Each of the published works will receive a $US 40 voucher to purchase work on RedBubble.

To enter written works, upload them to this group. There is a maximum of one written work per person. There is a limit of 500 words per entry.

Entries close October 1st

If you love reading and would like to help shortlist written works for this publication, drop us an email

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