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ONLY POST IMAGES THAT MAKE PILLOWS - We want to display your wonderful items for sale (3 per day)

Recent Work

  • Pastellrosa Monstera-Blatt-ruhiges Wasser von Sunnytime
  • Schild der Barke von Joy Watson
  • Lila Nebel von Elaine Teague
  • Rosa Wasser von Elaine Teague
  • Eine der 900 Kirchen in Rom Italien von Georgia Mizuleva
  • Chillin` am Mittag ... von Rubyblossom
  • Wilde Blumen von Bellefleurista
  • CALLA LILIE von Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Das orangefarbene Kleid von Elaine Teague
  • Retro Schwarzweiss-Entwurf von artsandsoul
  • Pastell Vintage Blumenmuster von sosweet
  • Laubfall 1 von Elaine Teague

About This Group

We are here to show case your works.
We are promoting Pillows, Totes, iPhones, etc.
This will help you have more exposure for your products.
We want to help sell works.GROUP RULES
Please only post excellent quality works. If your image doesn’t look good as a pillow, it will be rejected. We are strictly enforcing how an image appears as pillows.

Winner Challenge:“Green pillows”

Flora by Daniela Spoto
Winner Avatar challenge July 2017

Elvandar by John Velocci
Winner Challenge:“Amazing pillows with leaves design”

Autumn Richness by Joy Watson
Winner"Purple pillows" challenge

“Spider web pattern – purple and black – Halloween pattern” by Cecca Designs
Winner"Pretty pink pillows"challenge

“Alotta Pink” by John Velocci
Winner*Your favorite pillow* challenge

Hybrid Tree Peony Illustration by Pierre-Joseph Redouté by Vickie Emms
Winner*Avatar* challenge is

Peacockalula (pattern) by Yampimon

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