Perfect Harmonies

A group devoted to harmony, plenitude, tranquility and beauty

Recent Work

  • Garnelen-Pflanzenblüte von Joy Watson
  • Verzauberter Abend von Eileen McVey
  • Für die Toten weinen von Adam Bykowski
  • Zweifelhafte Sound Silhouette von Kathie Nichols
  • Grüne Reflexionen am zweifelhaften Ton von Kathie Nichols
  • Regnerischer Tag von agnessa38
  • Über dem Zaun - Burnham on Crouch von BlueMoonRose
  • Aprikosen? von BlueMoonRose
  • Mallacoota Sonnenaufgang von Tracie Louise
  • Main Beach Sunset von Tracie Louise
  • Blackwood River Rocks, Bridgetown, Westaustralien von Elaine Teague
  • Vergessen Sie mich nicht von Ana Belaj

About This Group

Welcome to Perfect Harmonies – the group where you’ll see some of the best photography and work around.

This group exists solely for those who appreciate peace, harmony, the fine beauty of nature, and how you, the photographer, portray this through the lens.

We are here to enable you to display your unique abilities. It’s up to you to be the source of inspiration and to be inspired by others. You’ll find many wonderful galleries and numerous amount of forums to help with exposure and many other useful topics that willl keep you entertained. You’ll find nothing but high quality work here.

NO NUDES – See Rules

We aim to create a growing community of Red Bubblers who are in tune with nature and harmony. “Harmony” is defined by scenery, calm, flora, peace, softness, tranquility, Zen, etc

Settle down and have some fun!

The winner of our “Autumn” Challenge was Lyn Evans with her picture “Autumn Breeze”.

The winner of our Trees In Winter Challenge was BarbL with her beautiful picture Scraggly Tree – Winter.

Celeste Mookherje was the winner of My Favourite Flower Challenge" with her beautiful picture *Gerbera Bouquet.

The winner of the “Blossoms of Spring” Challenge was Elaine Teague with her lovely picture “Apple Blossom”.

The winner of the “Flowers of Spring” Challenge was also Elaine Teague with her picture “Lavender Tulips”.

The winner of our “Sky Reflections” Challenge was “Reflections – Reeds and Pond Lilies” by T.J. Martin

“Malachite” by Macky was the winner of our Birds Challenge.
The winning picture in our Lake Reflections Challenge was Mirror Lake – Yosemite Park.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.