Nature And Man -2 per day-

A group about Nature and how man has impacted his natural surroundings

Recent Work

  • Winternacht von Frank Olsen
  • Der Zaun hat die Ranch überdauert von Martha Sherman
  •   Bäume entlang einer Gasse von jackpoint23
  • Lila Fallschirmsprung von Frank Olsen
  • Paddeln Sie den Blackfoot hinunter von Kathy Weaver
  • Rub 'al Khali von John Douglas
  • Oberer Pfad von relayer51
  •  Bäume entlang einer Gasse von jackpoint23
  • Thailand-Sommerpalast von Kathy Weaver
  • Aurora-Panorama von Frank Olsen
  • Die Reisfelder und Berge von Bhutan von Kathy Weaver
  • White Cross Bay - Windermere von Reg-K-Atkinson

About This Group

Sister Group to Nature In Its Entirety-Nothing Man Made

Man Impact on Nature….. how the landscape changes once man leaves his mark in a natural setting.
The work has to have both nature and man made objects visible in the image.
Please submit your best work only

Images of animals in costume or taken indoors will not be accepted.

Before you join, please be aware that your work when featured will be displayed on a Permanent Gallery and also it may be used as an Challenge Avatar
It may from time to time be displayed on our Group’s Homepage as well…
And that by joining this group you’ll be consenting to the above..

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