! Natural England- 3 Per Day !

All Natural photographs of England. (nothing manmade)

Recent Work

  • Das Tor - Weg zu den Seen - Arnside - Ein Blick von Carl Gaynor
  • The White Cliffs of Dover von Erwin G. Kotzab
  • Magnificent Bude von Vaengi
  • Castlerigg bei Nacht v2, Cumbria von JMChown
  • Reflexionen von widdy170
  • WASSER IN HERBSTBLÄTTERN von andrewsaxton
  • Sanfte Wellen an einem dunstigen Tag von Madeleine Deaton
  • Laufen Sie im Nebel von relayer51
  • Allein von Reg-K-Atkinson
  • Moseley Park & Pool, Birmingham von kwn1804
  • Schneebedecktes Wensleydale von Reg-K-Atkinson
  • Pastell Sunrise von lezvee

About This Group

We Would like to welcome you to the Natural England group.

We ask that you enter your best quality work that represent the Natural Landscape of England, we want to see nothing man made!. They can be images of wildlife, forests, mountains, rivers, fields, beaches or the sea. Basically any natural scene as long as it is in England and does not contain man made objects!.

A Photography only group with a limit of 3 photographs per day and they must adhere to the group rules

Thinking of joining?
Please enjoy the group & follow the rules so as to avoid the disappointment at having work rejected.
We look forward to seeing all your great photography.

WInner of August 2016 Monthly Challange

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Sue Purveur

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Ludwig Wagner

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