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Gideon’s Group is targeted for the person who wants to share their love for Christ with others who feel the same way. It will be a place to meet new people, to get encouragement, to give encouragement and find refreshing to be inspired to create better work throughout the year.
As a Christian, I know you may be feeling a shift in the atmosphere and you have a heart for the world, for those who don’t rejoice in the relationship of Christ, a Savior Who rules and reigns, a Lord that wants our full obedience to Him.
Since coming to Red Bubble over three years ago, I felt God had given me a mission to pursue. This site has never been about me or my works, but rather to use it as a tool to reach people and plant seeds in the Name of Almighty Jesus. I have a heart for those who don’t know Him as I know you do too.
It has been laid upon my heart that now is the year to gather a small army of believers to be able to meet in a special group, to come alongside one another, to be refreshed, to give edification to the wounded or weakened soldier, to give praise reports, and a place to cover those in need of prayer. I believe this is what the Lord has been getting me ready to do and He never meant for any of us to do it alone. It’s time to join forces and form a hedge of protection around one another in this time of worldly darkness.
I wanted to form this group and decided to name it, “Gideon’s Group”. If you are familiar with Gideon’s account in Judges chapter 7, God told Gideon to choose only 300 faithful men to go against the vast armies of the Midianites, the worldly ones. God doesn’t need our power, He will give it so that He will get all the glory. He just needs a faithful few.
In the New Testament God has made it known that only a remnant few will be gathered to Himself as Paul described in the last days, the world will turn to their own pleasures and have itching ears, it will be a time when no one will want to hear the truth of God’s Word. I believe we are that remnant and God is raising up His army of 300 to stand against the wiles of the enemy seeking whom he may devour. He knows his time is short!
We know we can’t accomplish much by ourselves, but when we come to join forces, much can be accomplished when Christ is at the helm and we are in agreement, with a single mind and purpose.
This is not a religious group, it is not a place to discuss the difference in doctrines. It is a place for edification for those who have been justified, sanctified and will be glorified with Christ.
If you feel that you are meant to be among this army, then I want to invite you to come into Gideon’s group with me so we can make a difference in this next year.
This is not a photo site, no challenges, nothing to check on.
I will post daily devotionals and inspirationals in the message and forum section. Lots of great information!
This group will be inclusive but not exclusive. It will be by invitation only. It is not secluded to any denomination, the only prerequisite is to love Christ with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul and to love your fellow man in the same way.
If you are interested and know others who fit this description, please let me know or direct them to my Bubble Mail for a request to join.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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