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Recent Work

  • Nicht dein täglicher Kohl von Karen Tregoning
  • Rote Chilli von TeAnne
  • Himmel auf einem Teller! von Margaret Stevens
  • Jazz von ©Janis Zroback
  • Herzförmige Kartoffel von FrankieCat
  • Rindfleisch-Herz-Tomaten von Nerone
  • Lecker und nahrhaft - nur Erdbeeren von BlueMoonRose
  • Frisch ausgewählte rote saftige Tomaten von TeAnne
  • Bauernhof frisch von © Loree McComb
  • Salatvorbereitung von alan shapiro
  • Black Eyed Peas von Betty Mackey
  • Architektur der Zwiebel (die Idee meines Sohnes Troys) von Diane Arndt

About This Group

I am pleased to announce the re-opening of this group. My friend, Graeme Hunt, is co-host. Anyone wishing to join should b-mail either Graeme or myself and we will be delighted to send you an invite to join the Group.

This group is dedicated to all food fresh and raw. This group will be dedicated to all fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and ingredients in their raw and fresh form. No cooked food apart from simple meals with readily recognizable ingredients, so soups, stews, pizzas, etc, are off the menu and certainly no fancy cakes, chocolate,etc, What we would like to see is food fresh from the ground , plant, tree, fish or animal. This could include the process of growing food from small vegetable patches right up to industrial production, or digging up a fresh batch of potatoes. It could also include fish in a fish monger’s, or meat in a butcher’s. As long as the raw food is the subject of the work, that is all that is needed. NO BLOOD AND GORE, PLEASE!!!

Photography and fine art only. By fine art we mean something that resembles the subject and reflects reality. No abstracts, grunge, etc. Collages accepted.

Congratulations to wolftinz, who is the winner of our My Favourite Fruit Challenge.

The winner of our Nuts Challenge is debidabble with her picture Hickory Harvest. Click on the link to view:-

The winner of our Berries Challenge was katarina86 with her picture For a grandma.

The winner of our Grapes Challenge was Donna Moore with her picture “Basket Of Red Grapes”.

The winner of our Harvest Home Challenge is vbk70 with her mouth watering capture Nature’s Gifts.

The winner of our Colourful Fruits and Vegetables Challenge is Paul Pasco with his picture Red Peppers.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.