*Feeling ONENESS Through the Touch of heART* (1/day + Read Rules)

Exploring and Sharing the Feelings of *ONENESS and CONNECTIVITY* with yourself and others.

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About This Group

Feeling ONENESS Through the Touch of heART

ONENESS for me represents one of humanities’ great misunderstandings and leads most individuals to wander through life not only missing OUR CONNECTIONS but all too often contributing to our collective separation and unaware of our resulting destructive behaviors.

YET, when the concept is broached most will respond with some level of positive acknowledgement. In my own personal experience it’s taken a commitment to hearing the message of ONENESS REPEATEDLY for an ever deeper and more profound awareness of ALL the CONNECTIVITY of our BEINGS and LIVES.

That’s the INTENT of my Hosting this group… To create a place for individual HEARTS to present their ART that have moved THEMSELVES to being more aware of their own ONENESS and CONNECTIVITY. Then to trust that these collective ONENESS INSPIRATIONS will inspire others to be aware… and to submit their own heART felt expressions of ONENESS.

Here’s a quote from a ZEN teacher that seems to say all this better than myself: “Because of an innocent misunderstanding you think that you are a human being in the relative world seeking the experience of oneness, but actually ‘you are the ONE’ expressing itself as the experience of being a human being.”
~ Adyashanti


> ONE upload per DAY or 24 hours. (1/day)

> You must apply the TAG ~ ONENESS ~ To every submission you make to this Group.

> It IS expected your submissions will have a theme of ONENESS, whether abstracted, poetically pointed to, or in some way in your opinion expressed. Your view of ONENESS or CONNECTIVITY may not easily be ‘seen’ by others. You are encouraged to add some ONENESS notes into your ARTIST NOTES. If the moderating Host can’t resonate with any oneness or connectivity in you submission then quietly it’ll not be accepted.

> You may submit ALL types of heART, including writing.

ANYONE who desires to join this Group may do so. WELCOME!


Feeling Oneness through the touch of heART, is also about the learning… the sharing… the thoughts and the joy of being touched by heART that others create. Your comments to others’ work are a reflection of your being ‘touched’ and helping US weave a caring WEB of CONNECTIVITY. We can’t dictate your leaving comments for others, but we are lovingly hoping you will consistently do so.

See the group rules and join this group here