Group Rules:

Welcome to Fabulous Flowers!

We accept images that celebrate the natural beauty of flowers (photography only).

Group rules are very simple:

- Submit your favorite closeup color photographs of one or more flowers at their natural best.
- Your flower photos must have excellent focus, clarity and composition.
- Use no more than basic, minimal image processing such as sharpening and white balance correction.

Image types and contents that will only be accepted at the Hosts’ discretion:-
- Drawings, sketches, paintings, etc.
- Textures, overlays, collages or painting effects.
- Any kind of processing or digital enhancement that distorts the natural colour and/or texture of the flower.
- Vases, tubs, pots, etc.
- Writing on photos.
- Garden scenes or fields of flowers.

No animals, birds, insects, people or large man-made objects, e.g. cars, barns, etc. in the pictures
No black & white, sepia, or selectively coloured photos
No excessively blurred images apart from natural bokeh or deliberate blurring to isolate the subject and eliminate peripheral clutter

Please note that the Hosts’ decision about accepting or rejecting images is final; thank you for understanding.