! the West Country !

Group Rules:

Please read and understand

1 All mediums of work accepted and to be of Good Quality

2 Four uploads a day

3 All work to have a Reasonable Description of what we are looking at.
Where it was taken, nearest Town/Village and County, in more than just a few words please

4 NO Portraits, Pets, Herring/Common Gulls, Flowers, Rabbits, Grey Squirrels, Close ups.
People at work, farmer, fishermen, hunter(s) etc, participant(s) at a fair, carnival, fête, festival, surfer, and so on.
Flowers A field of flowers. A display at a fête etc.

5 Variety Please keep submissions as varied as possible.

6 NO words on photos.

ALL work admitted at the hosts discretion.

If you get one, it’s nice to get a reply as someone has taken time to leave one on your work. Respect your fellow artists, hosts, and group members.

Writing must be fitting to the group.

Forums & Journals
are for the conveyance of information that will be of benefit to the group and its members, and NOT for the use of religious, political, or anarchistic propaganda.
ANY member found doing so will be instantly removed and will not be allowed to return

Group Messages
These are sent out by the hosts to keep you informed of what is happening in the group. If you fail to read & react (if necessary) to group messages, then the hosts cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from your failure to read them.

Due to apathy in past challenges, no more will be held.

Chosen at random and not done on a regular basis.

Important Notice.
Constant disregard to the rules, hosts, or other members, could result in your removal from the group.
The hosts will reject work they seem unfit for the group even if it abides by the rules/guidelines above.
Personal abuse to other members or hosts will result in your expulsion from the group.

The Host’s decision is Final