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Recent Work

  • Twizzling (Muster) von Yampimon
  • Strass Faux Glitter Line auf dunkelblauem Denim von artsandsoul
  • Bienenesser und Mohn von Katerina Kirilova
  • Frühlingsamaryllis und Schmetterlinge von RoxanneG
  • Buntes Katzenmuster von Free-Spirit-Meg
  • Orange und weißer Italiener Spinone-Hundekopfschuß von heidiannemorris
  • Eulen-Totem von Free-Spirit-Meg
  • Coral Blush Garden - Koralle • Rouge • Weiß von L Diane Johnson
  • Eiersuche von Kiluvi
  • Wunderschöne rote Grevillea von TeAnne
  • Landschaft von AbirMohamad
  • Abstract in Blue von TeAnne

About This Group

Photography, Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Water Colors,
Colorful Inks, Dyes, Colorful Drawings, Digital Arts,
Finger Paintings, Silk Painting, and Colorful Pencils,
digital paintings, Fractals, Gimp, Illustrator, PhotoShop.

This group is about selling duvets. Were not concerned
about other products you sell. Duvets is our concern.

Main requirement being in this group is selling duvets.
If you are not listing duvets in the available products section
you might get removed from this group.

Please go to the groups forums and see examples of how
duvets should look. Click 1/5/17 in messages.

Please do not be discouraged if your image is
not accepted in our group, It’s nothing personal,
it’s just not what were looking for. Just keep trying!

The host will accept anyone with a sufficient portfolio.

See the group rules and join this group here