! Bicolour Beauties !

Meaning: The intensity of TWO distinctly different colors that is visually powerful (We're looking for COLOURFUL Bicolour images!)

Recent Work

  • St Paul's Cathedral 2 von John Velocci
  • Reflektierender Buddhismus - Überquerung des Kahns Laos von indiafrank
  • Der unvermeidliche Abstieg von Adam Guiel
  • Flacher Stein! von Anthony Goldman
  • Schneeglöckchen: Der Frühling ist da! von Kasia-D
  • Golden und herrlich von Ran Richards
  • Sonntag auf der Messe von Fay270
  • Die Birken von Len Bomba
  • Natur von AbirMohamad
  • Es ist Kaktus ... von Tracie Louise
  • Habe eine von Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Portugiesische Größe von Alexandra Lavizzari

About This Group

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Please enter images that have only two colors, and they must be a BEAUTIFUL image. (hence the group title!!!) – If you would not frame the photo and put it up on the wall in your office or home then, please do not submit it.

More depth:
The two colors MUST be distinct and bright or it will be rejected. Monotone images have their own group on Redbubble and can be submitted there. Different tones of brown, black or white with no distinct and colorful second color are not for this group’s gallery.
If a third color is presented it must be 5% or less of the picture and the host will determine first if it is 5% or less (and if that third color is disbursed enough to not distract from the bicolor theme of each image.)

Pleae enjoy this group & follow the group’s guidelines in the group’s rules.

We accept instructional journals only. Be sure to include INSTRUCTIONAL Journal in the title.

There is NO limit on how many images you may submit daily or total into our gallery. Make sure the image is of two and only two distinct different colors.

When presenting a design or an idea your choice of colours is very important. Many surveys have been carried out on the general public to find out what people like. The findings suggest that very young children like bright, vibrant colours (reds, yellows and oranges etc…) whilst older people like more gentle or sophisticated colours and tones such as shades of blue. It is very important for a designer to understand the way colours are put together/created as this may help in the selection of the right colour scheme for a particular age group. Next time you pass a poster look closely at the colours – the designer has considered them very carefully.

Challenge Winner of “Purple and One Other Color”
“Celebrating Nature!” by Macky 5-10-13

Winner of Blue and One Other Color – May 1, 2013.

Remembering Evelyn
by peterrobinsonjr

Winners of Red and One Other Color – Bicolor Beauties – April 17, 2013

by peterrobinsonjr

Dots Before My Eyes ^
by ctheworld

The power of red
by Celeste Mookherjee

Single Wild Fuchsia Flower, Loch Na Fooey
by George Row

Take me to the sun
by LudaNayvelt

Winner of “Avatar Challenge”: – Bicolor Beauties – March 20, 2013

Coming soon to an area near you
by vigor

Winner Voucher Challenge – November 10, 2012

double brownies
by Manon Boily

Winner of Bicolor Butterflies – August 20, 2013

Pretty Butterfly?
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
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