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!Burst!>, sometimes referred to as B>AM! is about all that is anime and manga, cell shading/painting and line drawings, and the digital equivalents.

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  • Yin Yang of Japanese Fashion von MissCake

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First two images by Japu, third by Image by: Mark DeVito

Burst is about all that is anime and manga, cell shading/painting and line drawings, and the digital equivalents.

Anime is a Japanese word that was derived from the English word, ‘animation’ and is essentially the Japanese adaptation of Disney films after WW2. Anime almost immediately evolved into its own very distinct film genre and into what it has become today.

Don’t think you’ve ever watched anime? Think again. Since the mid to late 60’s anime series such as Speed Racer, Robotec, and many others have been imported by countries around the world with replacement dialogue in the importer’s native language. Remember those weird names in the credits? Those are Japanese.

Manga are Japanese comics done in much the same style as Anime, but are often more detailed than anime as more time is spent on each individual frame.

Please, and I repeat please only submit works of art that are in the anime/manga genre of art. Everything else will be rejected.

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