"""""Nature In Its Entirety-NOTHING MAN MADE- 2 per day"""""

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Recent Work

  • Natürliche Oberlichter II - von Georgia Mizuleva
  • Anemone von Betsy  Seeton
  • Bay of Fires - Tasmanien - Australien von TonyCrehan
  • Balaka Falls, NSW von Toddy4x4
  • Großer Reiher reflektiert von Brian Tarr
  • Anstrich einer bunten Landschaft mit einem alten großen Baum von unikatdesign
  • Dugong 2 von D-GaP
  • Lehman Cave - Nationalpark des Great Basin von Kathy Weaver
  • Pfau von StampCity
  • winter reflection on landscape lake von spetenfia
  • goldene Welle von MariannaPhotos
  • Pfau Stolz von lorilee

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Please submit your best images/paintings to the group that show Nature In It’s Entirety Nothing Man made 2 per day New group rules have been applied, so please take a peak. Please follow group guidelines and adhere to the 2 per day limit on submissions. *NO FLOWERS ARE ACCEPTED If an image is rejected, please re-read the group guidelines*. We ask that you do not resubmit an image that has been rejected. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT HOSTS REGARDING A REJECTED IMAGE. Bmails will go UNANSWERED. Please, PLEASE do not make this group a place to dump your images/paintings/writings. Make sure your work follows group guidelines BEFORE submitting to the group. Thank you!

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Pick Of The Week ~ September 22nd, 2017

Above Lake Tekapo 2 by Charles Kosina


Open Something Red – 11/3/2019

Winter Sparkle by DiLouise

Avatar/Black & White Bird February 2019

Bird talk! by Anthony Goldman

Avatar/Your best Landscape – 22/1/2019

River Sunrise by Danny Key

Avatar/Rocky Beach – Dec. 2018

Sea Cave at Pfeiffer Beach, Cal. USA by Tony Crehan

Avatar/Colours of the Ocean – 05/11/2018

Just off Shore by Metriognome

Avatar/Rocky Outcrop – 05/10/2018

Desert Sentinal by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/Wading Birds – 30/9/2018

American Avocet by Vickie Emms

Avatar/Wading Birds – Joint Winner – 30/9/2018

American Flamingo-one black feather by Aunt Dot

Avatar/Wading Birds – Joint Winner – 30/9/2018

Unruffled Ruff by di louise

Avatar/Just Me & My Shadow – 3/7/2018

Just Me & My Shadow by Ian Berry

Avatar/Small Coloured Bird – 16/6/2018

Eastern Yellow Robin by JAPhotography1

Avatar/Animal with Striped or Patterned body – 17/5/2018

Portrait of a Tiger 3 by Adam Guiel

Avatar/Rocky Coastline – 27/4/2018

North West Tasmania by Imi Koetz

Undergrowth – 04/4/2018

Mushroom in Dew by Relayer51

Avatar/Seaside Rocks – 28/3/2018

Ruby Beach Morning by debidabble

Avatar/Looking up Tall Timber – 03/3/2018

Looking up to Fall by dc Witmer

Fungus – 16/2/2018

Fungi Cap by Jo Nijenhuis

Avatar/Pool in the River – 03/2/2018

Josephine Falls by Bette Devine

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