This group is for showing REALISTIC (What the eye sees) art work from all our government parks. It could be a National (Federal), State(Provincial), County, or City (Local) park. Sorry no Monuments, Seashores, Historic Areas, etc.

Recent Work

  • Sunup in the Aspens von Ken McElroy
  • Kafue misty morning von Linda Sparks
  • Everglades canal von Bill Wetmore
  • Bleistift-Kiefer fällt, Wiegen-Berg NP Tasmania, Australien von Margaret  Hyde
  • Avalanche of Lillies von DawsonImages
  • Autumn Suspended von DawsonImages
  • Canyonlands, Utah von Tamas Bakos
  • Bleistift-Kiefer-Weg, Wiegen-Berg NP Tasmania, Australien von Margaret  Hyde
  • Wasserfall, verzauberter Weg, Wiegen-Berg NP, Tasmanien von Margaret  Hyde
  • Sentinel Range, Südwesten NP, Tasmanien, Australien von Margaret  Hyde
  • Gedämpfte Farben von Tamas Bakos
  • Teds Strand, Southwest NP Tasmania, Australien von Margaret  Hyde

About This Group

I know there are already “National Parks” groups but what about the state parks and the county and local parks? This group would also include those parks to make it “ALL PARKS.”
We welcome realistic photos from any national, state, or local park. Please include Park Name and Type of Park.
My vision of this group is to show NATURAL photos of the parks. What makes them so special? Why would someone set aside this area “As PARKS” for the public enjoyment?"

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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