A Place to Start--The Place to Be

(Family Safe, 2 per Day) A friendly group where you can ‘test the waters’. Show us your work before sharing it more widely with the RedBubble community. Group active April 2015.

Recent Work

  • Nicht glücklich - Boxer Dog Series von Evita
  • Ansatz des Frühlings von Viv Thompson
  • Frühling in den Cotswolds von Viv Thompson
  • Schweizer Kühe von Viv Thompson
  • SAND-ART WERKZEUG von WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Baby-Robbe in Aquarell von Marlene Wagenhofer
  • Neon abstrakte parallele Rechteckformen von Marlene Wagenhofer
  • Nach den Sprinklern am Morgen von Diane Arndt
  • Vorbereitet für den Schnee von Kasia-D
  • Himmlische blaue Hyazinthen von BlueMidnight
  • Restless Valley von billfox256
  • TEICH 1008 von Thomas Barker-Detwiler

About This Group

Got a new work that you’re not totally confident about? Want to share it, but you’re a bit nervous about hitting that ‘add work to groups’ button. Unsure which groups to try first?

This is a friendly little group where you can feel safe to share your work with us first. You can get some positive feedback to encourage you before sharing your work with the wider community, and find help selecting groups that are the right fit for your new artwork.

If you are new to the group, please see our Suggestions and Links to Groups forum to find some good groups to start out joining. You can also post questions there if you need specific suggestions. Also check our Index to Forums that Help You Find Groups to help you find lists of groups by category. Remember: No more than two submissions each day and keep everything child friendly (no nudity, profanity or gross violence) . Remember to check for challenges

NOTE: If you are a regular member and would like other group suggestions, post your comment here: Questions, Comments and Group Requests. This is also where you can post information about any groups you have found that have gone inactive.

In a Place to Start you may also:

  1. Learn about naming your work so it gets noticed, and how to use tagging and description writing to your advantage
  2. Put your work up for constructive suggestions on what you might try, so you can change it a bit before sharing with other groups
  3. Check out the forums for tips and links to tutorials
  4. Meet some friends and get connected to other supportive artists

Why is this group different?

For artists, this is your first port of call – somewhere for you to test the waters, and get some feedback before venturing off to share a work with numerous other groups. This is a group to help you figure out where you can submit your work and be accepted.

For hosts from other groups, we hope you will join or visit often, peruse the new art and invite members to submit their works to your own groups as appropriate.

For members, once you have found your RedBubble legs and know your way around, please help out the new members with group suggestions and encouragement. :)


Before you join, please be aware that your work when featured will be displayed on a Permanent Gallery and also it may be used as an Challenge Avatar
It may from time to time be displayed on our Group’s Homepage as well…
And that by joining this group you’ll be consenting to the above..

The Halloween Challenge Winner

How Was Your Halloween? by autumnwind

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We are very proud that members from A Place to Start were featured on the Red Bubble home page on 04/09/11 (04/10/11 Australian time).

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