1st Knight

This group is aimed to be medieval. All about Medieval Times: Knights and Knight's Codex. Recover old honour and glory and bring it back to life and bring it back in your art works.

Recent Work

  • Meine liebe Sara von Carlos M.R. Alves
  • Hera von Dave Godden
  • Kapuzen (farbig) von Carlos M.R. Alves
  • Heiliger Edward der Bekenner von Rowan  Lewgalon
  • König Edmund von wiggyofipswich
  • Grosmont Castle, Wales von hanspeder
  • Die Kamine von Hampton Court Palace. England von hanspeder
  • See von Annecy. Frankreich von hanspeder
  • WARWICK SCHLOSS, Warwickshire, England von FieryFinn77
  • Rhino-Ritter von SnakeArtist
  • Mittelalterlicher Escoffin Handgemacht von Patjila von patjila
  • Mittelalterlicher Ritter, Selby Abbey von wiggyofipswich

About This Group

This group is aimed to Medieval Age. All about Old Glory, Honour, Life, Symbol of the Sword in this age. All about Knight’s Codex.

About the Medieval Society: Nobility: Kings, Queens, Knights, Lords, Ladies.
Myths & Legends, Religion, Architecture, Costumes, Fairs, Festivals
Daily Life, Weapons & Warfare, Artefacts and similar.


This group can bring back to life old legends:

All what is forgotten for long ages and shouldn’t be forgotten.
Artist and founder of the 1st Knight Group: Shadowlea
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Home Page feature … 12th April 2011

Knights of the round table…….Artist: MikeO

Victorious Knights Challenge Winner…4th March 2011
Robert the Bruce and the sword … Artist:- Paul Gibb

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Group Avatar Winner 20th April 2011
Artist Kirsty Auld visit her here
Memorial Statue of Robert the Bruce

Banner and link: Robert the Bruce and the sword, permission obtained from Paul Gibb and model.

and the new one here below: July 21st, 2011

Banner Challenge Winner August 2011:
Artist Pascal Lee Title The last prayer visit him here

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