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Recent Work

  • Venus von Enoeda
  • Cloudscapes auf einem Flügel von Laura Puglia
  • Wolkenreiter von Laura Puglia
  • Pink Pearls in a heartshaped box von ©The Creative  Minds
  • Sunset and tree silhouettes von ©The Creative  Minds
  • Goldenes Gras und blaue Himmel von Clare Colins
  • Der Fingerhut und der Zinnia von Clare Colins
  • Früh am Morgen von ienemien
  • Vollmond, der Tag hat begonnen von ienemien
  • Mostar, 2015 von rasim1
  • Mostar von rasim1

About This Group

To all great Artists of the 100% group: You create fine art, sentimental art, beautiful art and humankind appreciates your art. Why? Because you put 100% ! into it.

This is an elite group! ALL artwork is scrutinized for quality and we reserve the right to remove or reject art that we believe to not be in line with the 100% guidelines. If you have artwork that has been accepted by this group, congratulations, you are among the ELITE!

Member Spotlight for September/October

This week’s challenge winner

Beauty in Motion
by Megan Raphael

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