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Recently Completed Challenges

  1. Decomposers!


    Challenge hosted by the All That is Nature (… group.

    Won by <a href="">Erin Anderson</a>

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  2. BIRDS - December 2010 Avatar

    BIRDS - December 201…

    Challenge hosted by the WILD AFRICA (2/day, … group.

    Won by <a href="">Debbie Schiff</a>

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  3. Balance


    Challenge hosted by the Live and Let Live ( … group.

    Won by <a href="">Jane Brack</a>

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  4. The Lush Life

    The Lush Life

    Challenge hosted by the THE SISTERHOOD group.

    Won by <a href="">Tammera</a>

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  5. Catchy Slogans

    Catchy Slogans

    Challenge hosted by the T - ME, (1/Day)+read… group.

    Won by <a href="">Dave Gosling ...</a>

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  6. Drinks while travelling and adventuring

    Drinks while travell…

    Challenge hosted by the Travel and Adventure… group.

    Won by <a href="">Jean-Luc Rollier</a>

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  7. Light and dark

    Light and dark

    Challenge hosted by the Feel, Don't Copy group.

    Won by <a href="">Anne Staub</a>

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  8. Your favorite Sticker Design

    Your favorite Sticke…

    Challenge hosted by the Cool Stickers group.

    Won by <a href="">unmotivated</a>

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  9. Romantic sunset panoramas in Europe

    Romantic sunset pano…

    Challenge hosted by the European Everyday Li… group.

    Won by <a href="">George Parapad...</a>

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  10. Brand New Work Challenge

    Brand New Work Chall…

    Challenge hosted by the The Light and The Da… group.

    Won by <a href="">Neoran</a>

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This is an archive of all the group challenges recently completed.

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