New Contrast Tanks have it all. Except sleeves.

Framed Prints

Redbubble Framed Print
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Finely crafted custom frames create stunning art pieces from Redbubble prints.

There’s something beautiful about a framed image hanging serenely on a wall.
We’re extremely proud of our sustainably sourced frames and believe there’s really no better way to enhance a stunning photograph. We’re pleased as punch to say they’ve adorned galleries and homes from London to Los Angeles.

Technical Specs

  • Custom made with skilled hands
  • 5 high quality timber frame finishes to suit your decor
  • 3 archival quality matboard colors to compliment your art
  • Exhibition quality Box or Flat frame styles
  • Premium Perspex, clearer and lighter than glass
  • Archival quality Kodak Endura paper


Art comes in many shapes and sizes, and our framed prints are built to fit each of them.
The final dimensions will depend on the image you choose, but to give you an idea here’s the most common photographic sizes:

Dimensions for Redbubble Framed Prints

Framing Options

5 Timber Finishes to choose from:

Timber Finishes for Redbubble Framed Prints

3 Archival matboard colors options:

Timber Finishes for Redbubble Framed Prints

2 Frame styles:

Frame styles for Redbubble Framed Prints