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Greeting Cards & Postcards

Redbubble Greetings Cards &; Postcards
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Say hello to funky designs and quality production with a range of greeting cards and postcards.

Pocket sized art with more uses than you can wave your keys at. Birthdays, thanks yous, Valentines or even Wednesdays, there’s always an occasion for a stunning card. From promotional weapon to contacting a distant friend, our cards are more versatile than Optimus Prime

Technical Specs

  • Discount of 20% on every order of 8+ cards
  • Superior writing surface for your words of wisdom
  • 300gsm card with a satin finish
  • Greeting cards supplied with kraft envelopes


Cards are designed to suit the most common image ratio of 3:2, but any image size can be printed, we just leave a white border.

Dimensions for Redbubble PostCards & Greetings Cards