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Brookville, United States

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I’m a freelance Illustrator operating in the Wilds of North Western Pennsylvania.Although I spend my days predominantly designing custom athletic team logos for Colleges and Universities across the greater North East of America - and my evenings doing freelance work of all kinds for clients across the globe - I like to take the time to draw the occasional Flesh Eating Zombie just to cheer myself up.My real passion is just throwing whatever comes to mind on paper (or Wacom Tablet) or canvas. I love designing unusual - possibly unwearable tee shirts.When I’m not doing this you can usually find me reading, playing pool, carousing in an unholy manner with my equally ill-behaved cohorts, watching a movie, or eating a lovely sandwich - in any combination.

and it goes without saying: All of the images associated with my RedBubble account are protected under my copyright - please respect my copyright. As I will respect yours.

Feel free to check out my new comic book at Comixology: "Tales of the Bunny-Man!

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