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Well I was very critical of google+ because quite frankly I couldnt be bothered ‘doing it all again’ so to speak. But using it in the first day without even doing much with it, I can tell you this – IT SHITS ALL OVER FACEBOOK. If you like social networking, give it a go guys, you will love it. I am going to use it to promote my new label bluebutter ’to see what I can do with it. I reckon it will produce the goods!

If you want to add me search for ‘blue butter’ and pick this dude

Stolen Artwork - 24hoursloot.com

Hello Folks,

Well give a dog a bone, that dog being me, and I dont give up that bone easily. I have managed to get a board an Indian representative in Pune (he will remain unamed) to assist us with removing stolen artwork from 24hoursloot.com which has amassed 1 million dollars in the past financial year by stealing artwork off people like you and me.

So, artists, if you have any work that has been stolen by 24hoursloot.com please list the link to the stolen work and the orginal work here on this journal entry, and I will see to it that this company is made an example of for the world to see – you wont hear that everyday right?

If you have managed to get work taken down but still not recieved money for it, put the link here anyway, and I will include it with the matter.

I will begin…