Ive Seen Things - Article

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I have had some interest in my design process lately so I thought I would share an article with you that takes you through the process I went through for one of my latest designs Ive Seen Things

You can read all about the design process here on coolshirtdesign.

Hope you’re all keeping well.



Well I was very critical of google+ because quite frankly I couldnt be bothered ‘doing it all again’ so to speak. But using it in the first day without even doing much with it, I can tell you this – IT SHITS ALL OVER FACEBOOK. If you like social networking, give it a go guys, you will love it. I am going to use it to promote my new label bluebutter ’to see what I can do with it. I reckon it will produce the goods!

If you want to add me search for ‘blue butter’ and pick this dude