well hello there

hey everyone…i know i know ive been absent for waaay too long but ive had a crazy year or so..what with the birth of my third child …the near death of my fiance and third child during labour….my college courses…organizing a wedding….moving house …moving the kids school…ETC…..


another thing that has taken up alot of my time is trying to start ZOMBIETEETH as a proper clothing line…so with the help of a charity called the princes trust i am about to do that…andto do that ive got to do some market research
so ive done a survey on facebook and would like you all to do it if you could and be brutally honest…i dont know whos answered it so you will be anonymous

heres the link

zombieteeth survey

thanks to anyone that does it and watch this space….P>S anyone that wants to post this on there journel or facbook to help me i will be most pleased

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