well hello there

hey everyone…i know i know ive been absent for waaay too long but ive had a crazy year or so..what with the birth of my third child …the near death of my fiance and third child during labour….my college courses…organizing a wedding….moving house …moving the kids school…ETC…..…


another thing that has taken up alot of my time is trying to start ZOMBIETEETH as a proper clothing line…so with the help of a charity called the princes trust i am about to do that…andto do that ive got to do some market research
so ive done a survey on facebook and would like you all to do it if you could and be brutally honest…i dont know whos answered it so you will be anonymous

heres the link

zombieteeth survey

thanks to anyone that does it and watch this space….P>S anyone that wants to post this on th

While i slept..i sold something

as the title suggests …in the night while i was away in the land of nod i sold a t shirt…which is nice i sold

thank you to the mystery buyer of this shirt…..i was expecting alot of comment on this shirt from people telling me i have soiled MJ’s name…which was never my intention interperate this disign as you will..might go see the new movie this weekend too


see you in the flip side home skillets

I've sold some gumpf

hello everyone how are you all…still here just not commenting as i should you see im in to the final month or so at college so im keeping my head down and getting it sorted

anyways in the last month i have made some sales…which is amazing

i have sold






and finally


thank you so much to the people that have bought my gear it means the world to me

and thanks to my home slices zombie, rouble, anita , monsterkidd and alixandra

The finest Zombie T-shirt purveyor in town

according to . . . thats me

which ia awesome….for those not in the uk loaded is a magazine for guys with lots of girls in it with skimpy clothes on….which is nice

but they also deal with gadjects and fashion and such

so anyway i was contacted and asked to send them some t-shirts for them to check out..and heres the result


so go take a look…and leave a comment if it will let you

all in all this is amazing for me

community interview thing

1. What’s your favourite artistic tool or piece of equipment (past, present or dream)?…

photoshop and a bunch of photos and textures that i can play around with

2. Which work are you most proud of and why?

theres a few so here we go


these two are my favs cos i just think they look great on a shirt…just wish people bought them

3. Which artwork by a fellow RB artist do you secretly wish you’d created and why?

just cos i wish i could draw like that

4. If you could learn any new creative skill or technique, what would it be?

I wish I could digital paint….thats my new goal…my digital painting sucks huge balls

5. If you could collaborate with any artist on RedBubble, who would it be?

rouble RUST, zombie RUST, AnitaInverarity amd monstarkidd

cos they are all amazing and are all my homies


Buyers Booth Champion

hey everyone…not written anything here for a while..been so busy…anyways…

ive been chosen as the buyers booth champion

you can read about it here


im very grateful for this ive not been around much recently but i have been looking at you works in passing just not enough time to comment on all the awesomeness you guys spew…

im hoping to to get on a bit more and comment on your works cos i feel guilty for not doin it

ALSO i have updated my shop….those who dont know..and ive added my site to the worlds best zombie sites list…so if you could all go to it and click the pink and black banner at the top and vote for my site i would be very grateful…..

thats about it….thanks to everyone for the favs,watchlist adds, and comments…and that ive missed i will get too in time sorry for

hey im still alive

hey guys just thought id let you know that im still alive… girlfriend whos carrying my unborn child is moving in abd we are sorting out my house so it means ive not had time to even get on the net but i am still here and i am workin on nre stuff

thanks for stickin with me

i have news

hey guys…..i just thought i would let you all know that i am goin to be a dad again……weeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..the baby is due in february…

erm…i dunno what else to say

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