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Graphic design noob and horror enthusiast.
Red Bubble also rocks.

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Scream Queen design

Finally got another design up which is OUT NOW and ready for you wonderful people to wear or stick on a wall somewhere. / Somewhat disheartened by the banning of my ‘short fuse’ Minecraft inspired design, I came up with a nice retro design that shouldn’t cause offence to anybody. / An ideal design for any horror or sci-fi lover, the message is clear – the person wearing th…
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Double whammy

So after a quiet period, I hit Red Bubble hard with two nice new designs today. / The first is inspired by my hours of playing minecraft. Named short fuse, this simple retro t-shirt is bold and amusing. / Following my horror movies themes though, I really wanted to produce a design related to the Scream movies, so worked to reproduce the Stab poster to be used on t-shirts and stuff. / It’s …
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Another t-shirt to add to the collection.

Keeping in with my theme of horror movie inspired t-shirts, today I finally uploaded the Antonio Bay Centenary design. / It’s exactly as Carpenter would have imagined (probably) if he’d considered that the people organising the event had a marketing strategy. / Looks best in dark blue…
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