Yes, It's a very nice Penis

I often feel that if someone would sit with me and offer hugs, I could fix all those stupid things. The problem being, I can’t ask anyone while I have them in my perspective. Who would want to hug me now? I have had many men offer up their penis to take my pain away. I wonder if this is all they need? I find it hard to believe due to my own research, but then I’m told I have bad taste in men by my male friends.

I’m am sorry, boys. I like your penis. It is very nice. But it is not going to make me feel like a whole person. It is not going to make me feel loved. The only thing that does is the fact that you are there despite my maladies and despite your own. And nothing makes me dive into despair more than you taking the time to be sweet and kind and full of compliments about how pretty and smart I am just so that you can prove how much your penis can save me only to turn to insults and cold shoulders once you have done me this favor.

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  • Mark Tull
    Mark Tullover 3 years ago

    Totally refusing to comment using innuendo, instead I shall say it was a thought provoking and emotionally charged read..
    You have a knack of baring your very soul to the reader.

  • ha ha… thank you, Mark. : )

    – Zolton

  • missyjennyb
    missyjennybover 3 years ago

    Interesting you should say this, I watched documentary on tv last night about ‘Male Escorts’, the male escorts who advertised themselves as being sex gods and studs, got very few responses, but the men who offered companionship, a date some place, and ear to listen to them, a hug etc, with sex being optional, were making great business. The women interviewed stated that they don’t enjoy sex in isolation of compassion, care and understanding, and that they wanted their men to make them feel special. I guess some men just don’t ‘get it’ do they? Literally… ;)

  • I guess if you are in it for the money… that is good to know. ha ha. I’ve gotten to a point I don’t want to unless I care about someone or at least know it’s not all they want. Wasn’t always that way. It makes dating very hard because men expect it the first date and wonder what is wrong with them if they don’t get it.

    I was in what I thought to be a serious relationship that was starting to go south. He offered me this instead of a conversation to “make me feel better”. The relationship was never the same after that. It’s like apples and oranges, I suppose.

    – Zolton

  • Outdoors2
    Outdoors2over 3 years ago

    Damn it!

    Oh well I can like it all by meself…. heh heh

    Really good read ((Z))
    Hugs are more rewarding in the long run ;-))

  • Thanks, mister. ha ha… : )

    – Zolton

  • missyjennyb
    missyjennybover 3 years ago

    Oh I had my days of one night stands and sleeping with men I didn’t know or care about, but then i had a skewed concept of sex and believed that sex WAS love, also I had very little self esteem. What your boyfriend said was shallow and shitty, and it shows you’ve both outgrown him AND that kind of ‘love’, which also shows that your developing a healthy self esteem, and that’s definitely not a bad thing at all! :)

  • John Nelson
    John Nelsonover 3 years ago

    Hugs are the fluffy feelings inside the tummy when someone puts their arms around you. I miss these more than anything else physically Z.

    I agree with missyjennyb’s comments ^. I’ve also read most of your uploads recently and find them all fascinating. Not all guys just want to have sex. It’s crap that they’re all hitting on you expecting it. I believe a kick in the crotch should remove that urge for the evening…

    but seriously if I was dating anyone, which I’m not, I think I’d like to spend quite a long while getting to know the lovely person I was interested in and letting her get to know me before considering other things. But that’s me. I’m not like anyone else I know. :)

  • I think sex is all right from the get go, but I don’t understand this fixation on it, I guess. I see it as lack of self respect on the man’s part. I think when a person focuses on this… they do not believe themselves worthy of being loved. I do have some stories, let me tell you. But hey… don’t you want to know the person you are sleeping with? I sure do. I sure want to like them and treat them with respect for sure. It doesn’t mean it has to be the end all and it doesn’t mean it’s overwhelmingly serious. Just better for everyone.

    – Zolton

  • Rikki Woods
    Rikki Woodsover 3 years ago

    Fantastic, SMART write.

  • Thank you!

    – Zolton

  • George Yesthal
    George Yesthalover 3 years ago

    So…I guess a blowjob’s out of the question, huh?
    Very succinctly put, sweetie. Good for you.

  • ha ha… actually it’s not! ha ha… you just better call me again or at least know what my name is and take me to a movie!!

    – Zolton

  • Avalone
    Avaloneover 3 years ago

    Oh man, this is so, so good and true!! xx
    (and I totally cracked up at George Yesthal’s comment – so male!)

  • Thank you! Yes, that George is quite a card. : )

    – Zolton

  • Unique-Mystique
    Unique-Mystiqueover 3 years ago

    Very well written and quite a jurney taken with these ‘men’, I also choose the wrong men, shamely by honest

  • It’s hard to know at first… don’t you think? After taking a year off, now I’m just afraid. ha ha

    – Zolton

  • Unique-Mystique
    Unique-Mystiqueover 3 years ago

    Yes so hard to know at first, but after heartbreak and the feelings of studpidity do sink well and truly in lol
    I have learn’t when it’s time to back off, but getting back on that particular horse isn’t an easy task to handle hehe
    Good Luck!

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