Yanni! by Zolton Odd Couple by Zolton Team Aniston by Zolton There will be.... by Zolton The Fabulous Stains by Zolton Ghost by Zolton Occupied by Zolton Warrior by Zolton Babs Tribute by Zolton It's a Goddamn Boob by Zolton  A little privacy? by Zolton Not a Toy by Zolton

Smile for Me, Baby

Living like an animal digging for scraps had taken it’s toll. Shannon wanted to trust him.
Peek Outside from the Dark by Zolton City of Roses by Zolton Mock You by Zolton I Don't Care if it Tastes Like Chicken by Zolton Wet Feet by Zolton I'll play when I want to... by Zolton Cat's World by Zolton

Real Friend

For danger lies in the minds of those who only hear one voice. That is far too much power for anyone to have over another life.

You Changed my Life

As read in the Nickel Ads… / Dear Sir, / You are a jerk with a red zip up jacket and a bald head. You bumped into me while I was runn…
I STRIP for bacon by Zolton Italian by Zolton Zolton by Zolton She's Just Not Domestic by Zolton 1st Place by Zolton Unrequited by Zolton The Smart of Dumb by Zolton A Seagull's Misty Paradise by Zolton Turning 40 by Zolton Bebhinn's Back Door by Zolton

Karma is a Bitch

Ever have one of those lives where you are constantly whacking your forehead and saying to yourself, “Crap! Why the hell did I do that?” We…
Escape by Zolton 28 by Zolton Random Thoughts by Zolton Which Color to Wear? by Zolton Stick me with a fork... by Zolton Accidental by Zolton


Candice came towards me sideways with a smile
Kitty that Swallowed Canary by Zolton God Bless by Zolton Out of the Limelight by Zolton Put some wine in your bitch by Zolton

Under Pressure

What if he wasn’t all that? He was going to have to work very hard to please her. This worried him.

Searching for Claire

I loved Claire as much as I feared her. She often joked about the / buried bodies under her house.
Teach Me by Zolton Irridesence in a Bottle by Zolton Shane... come back by Zolton Ride On by Zolton Hustler by Zolton Fembot Revenge by Zolton

The Night

Gabe found himself across town as if it would matter. It wouldn’t. The bartender kept them coming and that was good enough. He looked…
Gents by Zolton

Myong’s Gift

“I beseech you not to open the box,” Myong urged.
The Drunk Whisperer by Zolton

And the Wind Blew

She built a web / As a she could do / And the wind blew / And the wind blew / She gobbled some flies / Grasshoppers too / And the wind blew…
Legacy by Zolton The Huntress by Zolton Skippin' by Zolton Screw Supergirl by Zolton Movie Night with the Girls by Zolton The Photographer by Zolton Favorite Pair by Zolton White Night by Zolton Birds Fly by Zolton Dots for Everyone by Zolton Burnt Out #6 by Zolton Not Keen on Mondays by Zolton Ready to Roll by Zolton

Change of Heart

He prized himself on his craft even though it was generally a losing proposition. His ego and adrenaline were urging him to go for broke.
Blue Doth Make Her by Zolton

Green Eggs & Ham (Flash Fiction Style)

Sam was obviously hopped up on some substance and persisted. I just wanted to be left alone. He followed me to the ends of the earth with h…
Feminine Touch by Zolton Magnificent's by Zolton Protector by Zolton La Femme by Zolton 21 Today by Zolton Reconstructing Zolton by Zolton Coastal Paradise - Cape Meares, OR by Zolton
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