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Cults and Politics

I am still without internet, and I have a bit of time on a computer today. So I thought I’d write a little about something that came up this week. It made me ponder.

I am not a Christian, as some of you may know. I was speaking to my neighbor the other day and frankly, if you are white, and you live here, and you don’t dress too weird… unfortunately people think you are on agreeable terms with their thinking.

My neighbor expressed her disdain for Muslims. She said they are a cult, just like Mormons and any other crazy religion. I patiently listened as she told me how the Muslim culture teaches them to come as friends with a knife ready to stab you in the back.

I held my tongue, for I feel this about some Christians. In my lifetime, I have pretty much been secluded in my dealings. Most of my interactions have been in Christian culture. I find that the false, backstabbing nature is not a religious thing. It is a human thing. Do I think all religions are cults… I do. But I don’t necessarily say it with disdain. It just is what is good and/or bad.

You see… I cannot and will not speak out against an entire group. I can only vouch for my dealings with individuals on a one on one basis. For me to say all “those people” are no good… to me is the height of sin. When you say this… you condemn everyone associated with that group. This goes for whether you are talking about skin color, religion, demographics, body type, hair color, political affiliation, financial status and so on.

I cannot stomach the inept attitude that encircles the world on this topic. I am glad I refuse to partake in it… but that does not mean that hearing it doesn’t break my heart. For if you were to face someone as an individual… and you would not say to them what you have whispered to me… my respect wanes. And yes… I am one to tell an individual to his or her face that his/her behavior is unacceptable. In this case, however, I gave pause to my neighbors ignorance. I did not tell her all this.

I have burnt many bridges in my day, but… in hind sight… do I want a bridge to THAT neighborhood? If I stay there too long… I fear my blades will sharpen and my tongue will lash out at what my ears have heard. We are far from civilized.

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