Life without Internet

And yes… not completely a lie. I cancelled my internet at home because… I thought it might be a good idea not to pay for it while I’m kicked out on the street, or… well… living with Mommy for the first time in 25 years. Yes… they are ripping off the roof of my dwelling… and this is NOT a euphemism. Me, cat, and cat had to find a new place to go. My internet shut off a few days ago… and with it went all social networks, save this one… the one that gave birth to the new me. So… I check it while I’m at work.

I hope that explains to some of you why I disappeared from other sites you know me on. And… life is much quieter now, but wink, wink… much more peaceful during elections time. ha ha… and I am at peace with just my own words… and some of yours for a while.

I am considering it a vision quest. So far… so good.

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