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Portland, United States


Cults and Politics

I am still without internet, and I have a bit of time on a computer today. So I thought I’d write a little about something that came up this week. It made me ponder.

I am not a Christian, as some of you may know. I was speaking to my neighbor the other day and frankly, if you are white, and you live here, and you don’t dress too weird… unfortunately people think you are on agreeable terms with their thinking.

My neighbor expressed her disdain for Muslims. She said they are a cult, just like Mormons and any other crazy religion. I patiently listened as she told me how the Muslim culture teaches them to come as friends with a knife ready to stab you in the back.

I held my tongue, for I feel this about some Christians. In my lifetime, I have pretty much been secluded in my …

Life without Internet

And yes… not completely a lie. I cancelled my internet at home because… I thought it might be a good idea not to pay for it while I’m kicked out on the street, or… well… living with Mommy for the first time in 25 years. Yes… they are ripping off the roof of my dwelling… and this is NOT a euphemism. Me, cat, and cat had to find a new place to go. My internet shut off a few days ago… and with it went all social networks, save this one… the one that gave birth to the new me. So… I check it while I’m at work.

I hope that explains to some of you why I disappeared from other sites you know me on. And… life is much quieter now, but wink, wink… much more peaceful during elections time. ha ha… and I am at peace wit…

Circle of life... la la lala

So last Sunday… I went to a BBQ. Half way through, I heard some bits and pieces that all the girls there that I knew were headed off to Hawaii the next week. I had just recently discovered that my ex had gone to Hawaii a couple weeks before… so I did what any girl would do… I started tearing up… and… trying to hide it.

Now… this is when two of the girls sitting right next to me started making plans about their adventures. One of them, I grew up with. She had always made me sit in the back seat in high school by declaring “shot gun”, a game I was too savvy to want to play. And never was the front seat offered to me, but we simply went by the “shot gun” rule. She also still has a habit of talking down to me and interrupting me mid-…

It depends on who you talk to...

That is the important thing… the things that shape man/woman are… the books you read and the people you associate with.

Seen on two different church kiosks this week…

The first…
“Sure wish the lines to volunteer at the food bank or VBS were as long as the lines at Chick-fil-A – God”

The other…
“Keep your words few.”

Now the first one made me clap! The second made me wonder. Keep your words few… but listen to us talk for hours on how to live your life and what to think? What did this mean? I don’t know. That could be taken many different ways. At least the first one made some sense. As a writer… I don’t think I can keep my words few… concise perhaps, maybe poignant sometimes… but not always few.


I was trying to define what I find wrong with the world. What matters to me. Why am I who I am. Blah blah blah… I find this best to do with metaphors and a single story at times….

I dated a man for two years. I look back on him now with disdain. Are we allowed to do so? Hmmm… me thinks not, but yet… we all do.

Anyhoo… he, when so inclined, would say to me… “you have no idea how beautiful you are.” Hmmm… I think, I may think… are you sure buddy, or are you just trying to convince me of that…. let me explain further…

I came home from work one day and said, “My friend told me I look like Keira Knightley in Domino!” To which he replied……. “…….” and looked at the floor. So I …

oh that life thing... ha ha ha

I haven’t been on here much lately. I haven’t been much into writing… or going out to take pictures. I’ve been shut up and closed down all but for the little imagination in my head that entertains me day in and day out.

I go to work. I am alone in my office all day. My boss comes in occasionally. Tells me how to live my life… tells me when I made a mistake… tells me about his life… then leaves.

I come home at night to my cats. Sometimes I talk to my family… they tell me how to live my life… tell me when I made a mistake… tell me about their lives… then hang up.

I feel… a wee… disconnected.

This is my life… and… always has been on many levels. I have had two people I loved completely in my entire life…

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