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Building Blocks Thank goodness I found Libby. She is one of a few people in the history of my life that I absolutely have no qualms with. I don’t ask… Common Sense and Hence I once dated a man who thought I was beautiful. In fact, he once told me that I was the most beautiful woman in the world after coming over… Revelations Don’t give up, baby star that doesn’t quite shine. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Just know when to put down the swo… Snippit I suppose looking back on a personal failure with a wince and some shame is sublimely superior to looking back and blaming someone else. Parched And how do you break up with a friend? Not for any other reason than… you are a jungle gym. Something to play on when bored and pass … Haves and Have Nots Off work early after weeks of being bombarded with incoming and overtime. The sun is shiny and traffic will not be at its rush hour worst. … On The Zodiac For those who are wrapped up in the rumor… I don’t think our Zodiac signs are off by one month. I am, if ever there was, a Pisc… Hmmmm Geezer!!! My phone goes off at midnight. Incoming text. And who died? And why would someone text me when someone has died? That thought asi… Warrior Tales I think every nail driven in me over time may be the result of someone else’s low self-esteem. Like crabs in a crab pot, as they say.… Strange and Blissful Moments A truck sped around the corner in the darkness of the night and it was coming right for us. It was a moving van and appeared to be on two w… Womb Life is always perfect in a bath. The water running onto my piggies and I flex my legs to look their best. As I lay in comfort with everyth… Volunteering for Lost Souls I have looked very hard at myself lately and not without some disastrous epiphanies. To stand outside and look in, I think I shrank from my… Being George Clooney Perhaps I watch too many movies. Perhaps I do have a modicum of envy for men. I think when I speak, I hear myself as one. Rarely can I emul… I wonder… As I waited / For him to finish / That phone conversation / With the girl / He told me / He had a crush on / I laid on his bed / Wondering … Love you Gramma Each time I go / It sits at the door / I know you feel it / The truth / And though / We both know / I peck you / On the cheek / And say /… My Overwritten Sentiment of Messy Homes I stepped in invited, never sure if it’s sincere when I see such things. He mumbled something about fifteen house guests having just … I Enjoy Being a Girl When I was a little girl… / I used to sit in our Datsun 510. The controls, to me, made it a space ship. I would push buttons and jerk… Ugly I had the right of way. I made a right hand turn on a green light onto a road with four lanes, two going the direction I was headed. His bi… Dream Talk I had a revisitation in my dreams last night. Funny how we don’t dream of people we actually know, at least I don’t. I am sure … I want to be… She sat across the table and stared at me, English very minimal as she had just arrived in The States. I could not make out her excited chi… The Politics of Marriage and Religion There was no infidelity in my marriage. I grew up with that lot and saw the end come in crumbles despite the fact it became unanimous in an… Stupid World Elegant and well spoken. That is how I would describe him. Not careless or flimsy. He had the balls to speak to me. That is huge in this to… I’m not, But I am I’m not hipster, hippy, nor punk, preppy, yuppy, nor funk. I’ve never fit in a label, although I’ve tried to define mysel… I Just Need Three Days Locked Away I bummed a Marlboro red from a friend. Heavy and delightful, reminding me of the beginnings of this habit. In actuality, I started smoking … Social Security… only 27 more years with in… I bought twenty drumsticks today. I don’t really like chicken that much, but a package of twenty drumsticks is so cost efficient. I b… Insane Dish Pat thinks I’m insane / So I took out his brain / I keep in some Tupperware / Marinading in propane / One night when he is sleeping /… How Should I Feel He was my best friend, my rock, my confidant and my Scooby Doo for a decade. How should I feel? That is what they want to know. It will tak… Flaws, Excuses and Masks An epiphanal drive after an ass chewing is perhaps not the best thing, although the perspective of the ass actually being chewed may be a b… Got baked at a rap concert My friend asked me to go to a rap show last night. I do like some rap but don’t make a point of listening to it. I didn’t reall… Christmas Day Running late as ever… should I not wear makeup to save time… but I must just for the sake of the others to spare them my unpret… My Christmas has been canceled : ( I got calls from my sister and my grandma this morning… they both sound like hell. Dinner has been canceled! For once… I feel l… Mine I have come to a disillusioned and rather sobering thought in this life that I call mine. Part of it being that it is my life and I savor i… Little Untamed Shrew I saw her tonight. That bloody little shrew of a waitress that used to hit on my man. I could stand right in front of her with a smile to o… Pepperoni I put pepperoni on his face while he slept. He looked like an angel and I wanted to eat him. He woke up and punched me. I thought I thought that I was really something until I realized I was not. If I ever feel this way again… will someone tell me the truth. Just… Inworkings of my mind on a date What goes on inside my mind… only I will know. I just met you. I don’t like doing this. We are strangers until we aren’t.… Not Welcome He sat in that bar with his cocktail beverage that he preferred with no fruit. Just ice. He said he cried with all those girls naked, cash … Dreaming it Real I dreamed last night of my grandmother. She died several years ago with Alzheimer’s. She had grown so tiny and confused. Rose, always… Oh, Really? Keeping the beat in restraint, I felt a hand on my shoulder. / “Woman, you got a lot on your mind. What are you thinking about?”… How to Bag Groceries We all march off to the grocery store with our reusable, eco-friendly bags these days. I was gifted one a few months ago. It has Big Bag of… Self Analysis: #284 He grabbed me and looked me in the eye asking if I loved him because I was in a snit. The truth being, I burned deeply to have him love me.… Needy Sometimes… when people tell me, I believe they actually care. Sometimes they do care, and I don’t believe them. There is strang… Conjure My sister, Wendy, conjures up thoughts of people and they suddenly appear, randomly after years. I consider her gifted. / I had been thinki… It’s not for me I keep reminding myself it’s not for me. I took the day off because I have one week left to obtain silent auction items for a charity… Best of It I have a shoebox with things stuffed away. We lost a lot of people this year. The box contains those little fold over pamphlets they give y… Fool He’s cute / Found out he was rich / After I found him cute / Turn off? / Ah well / A year has gone by / And I saw him again / He sat … Hard lesson to learn… When I was sixteen, me and two other girlfriends made handy of a soda can. We loaded it with the wacky weed in a bong like fashion up some … Two Perfect Babies I have two perfect babies. Different in almost every way. And… they hate each other. I juggle them with care. I tell them not to argu… About one week… I hated the way my ex-husband dressed. He wore polo shirts with khakis everyday. Shoes with tassels. When he shaved his goatee, it took me … What Is There are two men. I could love them. This will never happen from where I sit. In my grasp like sweet cherries hanging low and ripe. OrR… Friday… April 1st The sun is out and it’s mimicking spring. An awful temptation. Everyone is giddy as it’s Friday. / I give Carl his usual happy … He Walks Alone I don’t not like him. We are still friends. Damn co-worker affairs. Convoluted stupidity. I was the one that called him. We had a pho… Friday Nights Friday nights used to get me. Sad as a teenager if I couldn’t cruise with my friends looking for a party. We would be drunk by eleven… Always My Little Man I wanted a brother. I tortured my mother about this and sad to say… she had lost one around the time of my sixth birthday. She though… The Smart of Dumb by Zolton