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Taste Piss on the moaners / Over things / They can change / Living / No basking / In mediocrity / Let me have / The same cake / Again and again /… Avocado Worship Tonight / I bow to… / An avocado / Sublime and perfect / Tomorrow / It will be / Something else / I know not what / But better an avo… Life Surreal Like cherries on a sundae / I smile a simple frown / Sprinkle it with nuts / My crazy little clown / Laughing makes a circus / Life in not … Swan Dive Swan dive / Into a giant cupcake / And she did it / Just for me / Her lovely bare feet / Flapping / As she dove / Into creamy frosting / An… Ifs of Reality If I were a man, / I would not want a woman to be with me / because I am wealthy. / If I were a woman, / I would not want a man to be with … Self The dungeon is no longer / The silence being quelled / Satisfactory imagery / Not imaginary held / There is no need for this / To be unwelc… Forgotten Lilies He expressed no weakness / And in my garden / This left little chance / For lilies to bloom / Misconstrued / As lack of need / I fled to fi… Shivers in the Stew Shivers in the hallway / Blowing up her spine / She can’t afford a heater / Nor a plate on which to dine / The palace that she fled /… Old Familiar Song Tiny steps / Forward / Back / Forward again / I reinsert myself / Back into the scene / With little / Acknowledgment / Of where I’ve … Freedom I had a bout / With myself / Over my own / Freedom / Casting aside / Anything / And everything / Threatening it / Solitude / In purest form… Don’t fight over me… no point Not being / The religious sort / Unless you add / All the morals / That hold me / In my place / With weathered heart / That knows / Where… Valentine from Hades If crimson dragons / Dragged me to Hades / Offering me release / From their claws / With just one / Disparaging word / In your direction / … Some Days…. Some days… / I feel soooo ugly / And tired / I want to crawl home / From work / And overtime / And clock watching / To hide my face /… Giddyup Giddy f’n up / You cowboy fool / Standing there / All chaps and drool / Gotta dance / Gotta swing / You kill me with / Your cowboy fl… Tell Tell me your story / As you lived it / Tell it again / As it was witnessed / I will recite to you / What I see / When you fall / Telling yo… Perimeter He said he wasn’t sure / But he wanted me there / Hanging at a perimeter / Doing my own thing / That he wouldn’t have to see / … Fresh Seeds If I could tell them all / I am hanging on / The best I can / Forging something / Hopefully better / And my eyes / Do not look down / Past … Crossroad Standing at a crossroad / Bigger than typical / It is the one / Where you stare / Yourself down / Coming to conclusions / Of imperfections … Friends Moon slides down / As does the sun / Over and over / A stagnant / Reminder / Of loss / Bless friends / Ever present / Saviors / Mementos / … You will never know unless… We move forward / Looking for things / Recognition / Beauty / Financial gain / Forgetting / That all we need / Is to search / For happines… Without Ever have a day / You want everything / To be your own / Wash your skin / Clean of interactions / Poised to make you / Untrue to yourself /… Eclectic Collection I have / Or am / Or something… / An eclectic collection / Of things / I kept / And kept / For no purpose / All falling / Like sand /… Beast of Beauty Where are you / Beast of beauty / Sour grape on vine / Turned to wine / In churnings / Splay me open / In your descent / To kiss the ground… Age Old Kowtow You are right / I have but one purpose / To please you / My mouth and mind / Have only one use / And it is for you / Don’t bother / T… Whose God are You on? I have judged / I have been / I have judged / Mostly… / When I have been / Some say this or that / My pain decides / My protection / … Glory in My Sea Knowing does not help / Unless a soul is ready / I fear to find success / To appease the petty / Today, a failure waiting / As is every day… In Shambles In shambles / I hate everyone / From all the years / I’ve learned to hate / And yes… / I remember you / Disgusting little girl … He Was He was all right / But his blues / Took me to some level / Tempered in deep color / Unexplained counterfeit / Contradicting himself / Washe… Homage There are days… / Have been many / Where I would wish / To rip at my hair / Scratch my skin / Until bloody / And walk / Down the str… Life Goes On in Our Absence If I barfed for days / And was drowning in it / It wouldn’t matter… / The world still happens / I could be replaced / Quickly b… Blind? Lust is blind…. / Love sees all and does not care. We Can Do It We can take the insults / And forgive you / We can watch / As you drift off to la la / We can go untreated as equal / Knowing it false and … Lies There are only lies / In the hearts / Of those who do / And what of those / Who don’t… / Only pain / And comfort Everything My dreams / Disintegrate / And my stalwart / Backbone / Reasserts itself / Amongst a mosh / Of sickly figures / Where I fear not / To make… Sometimes… There are times / I want to shout / As if I could make / The whole world / Stop spinning / For the sake of all / In my bitter / reminiscenc… High School And there it is / In living color / The bitch / Who insulted me / I should know / From high school / That is how people are / Even as adult… Humble Pie Not meant to be / A humble pie / But at times / Pie goes awry / Is this berry? / You may query / Doesn’t really / Taste so cherry / S… Forget Me Not In an arduous pose / I ate yet another / Forget me not / Because I wished / To forget it / Though wishing / Does not make / And consumption… Ferry Trip With more peaceful tides / I swim to something new / And perhaps it is overdue / I jump a ferry in the midst / Of taking shallow strokes /… Trade Ups and What’s Left Behind Another friend / Potentially / That wasn’t / Mine… / Potent / Another man / Who needed me / That didn’t / Need me / To ne… Impatient Men Never Win Big Oh, darling… / You are so eager / Much like my… (ha ha) / I think you should wait / A few minutes longer / Making it stronger /… People Say… People say… / My skin is too thin / As if I could change / And that does leave me / To ponder / Not caring anymore / And I choke on t… Robots in Chaos Today is a cluster fuck / And I’m strapping my ass on / To make sure it stays in place / With heart beating out of my chest / I start… Before You Decide Drink me down / With a straw / Or without / Preferably / Not on ice / Just remember / The good stuff / Is at the bottom / So finish it all … Love you so much I love you so much / But in a minute / I will hate you / I’m hormonal / Bitchy bitch / With a twitch / And a snicker / With my finge… Dirty Old Man I want to be / A dirty old man / With lots of cash / And a Florida tan / I’d sit naked / On the beach / And sip a cocktail / With a p… Eat Your History Godiva was a Lady / Now a chocolate shop / Napoleon a ruler / Is an extra virgin sop / Caesar made a leader / And a salad made with fish / … User I won’t be used again / When you’re bruised again / Don’t look for my comfort / Around any bend / Die in the street / No … Hello Shallow I raise a toast to shallow / We have met before / My wish is to see you / Dying on the floor / The problem with that / Is everyone would fa… I thought I thought it was / But it wasn’t / The ringing / In my ears / I know better / Dreams don’t lie / But not truth / They don’… Ununiquely Unique I don’t think I am unique / Each small part of me / Is duplicated / Somewhere / By someone / Or many / It’s still my idea / Exc… One and the Same Why is it / In the moment / Rejected / All seem magical / In comparison… / The same one / Full of light / When tossed / To the chance… Dreams My heart leaps forward / With all the possibilities / Dreams in my grasp / Float by without effort / It is all so clear / Like a crystal / … Fictional Pauper I stand as a pauper / Next to this fiction / Mine, yours, everyone’s / This real flesh / Cannot compare / And I shoved it / Down the … Some will Understand, The Rest… I am neither gift nor possession / Though I have been called both / Apologies to those / Whom I have changed / Due to lack of experience / … Black Tonight I join the black team / We walk in the shadows / Bold with our words / Silent with tongues / Waiting for the moment / We will glist… Wear it Well Wear that hat / If you dare / Without a care / Tip it / Grip it / Strip it / As you choose / Wear it with pride / Not to abide / Scream it … Soft Soft be / A heart / Of gold / Malleable / Changing / When touched / Melting / Bruising / When jabbed / But ever / Vigilant / In presence / … Face to Face Enough… / Of being looked down on / With arms stretched high / To balance another / It is not that I have / No temperance / It is tha… Give me your Dog The snow is in the mountains / Give me your sweet dog / To frolic in a white world / Running through the fog / I can’t stay another m… looking… Spent my life looking / For things / That are not / There… / Now that I’ve found it / All within me / I still / Search… /… Go Away Dying to please you / Not knowing how / Not knowing / I eat this thing / Called a heart / I grow to hate it / Dimming in eyes / Looking at … Ruby Lips I read those ruby lips / Despite the words falling / Knowing the meaning / She played with me / Under lightening skies / And I let her / Ru… In My Pocket You are in a pocket / In my heart / And I can only see you / When I look / At my own reflection / But I don’t know you… / Yet. Quick Knife into Blindness I see why you hate me / It took me some time / Your perilous fall / You turned on a dime / The flavor, it hit me / One I knew well / The ta… Icons, Idols, Gods These things are erected / From the day we are born / Icons, idols, gods / We kneel to them / As if it were so / Eventually learning / To … The Rest of My Life Is the lack of the truth / A lie? / Is the lack of a hug / Rejection? / Is the lack of a smile / Unhappiness? / Does any of this matter? / … Not Before or Since We lay in a field of grass / Halfway to napping / Halfway to heaven / Unencumbered by passers by / I fidget to intertwine our legs / Hoping… Endeavors If love was stars / It would still burn out / And if love was cars / It would need constant care / If love was poignant / It would matter /… I fret I fret to say… / There are my cherished beliefs of logic / And… / There is that which burns my emotions / These contradict to s… Trek to the Sea It did not concern her / That her footprints disappeared / Behind her as she walked / Only that she might get stuck / In deeper more sinist… Ode to the Chubby Guy Size… / Not a matter / Of your pants / As long as you / Can do a dance / Fluffy goodness / Not a care / To measure width / Of underwe… Like it Matters I want to be held / All night / Like it matters / And wake up / To your messy hair / I want to walk / To the corner deli / Holding hands / … The Soldier He dwindles past silence / Angry with each step / A fool of a fool / Most likely to be lost / Weeks in tents / Comfort of men / Solemn brot… Tear Me Apart, Dissect Me Tear me apart / Figure it out / Throw me / Toss me / Dive in / Take it / Rip me in two / If you need to / Dissect this one / Dive in deeper… Superpower I see you / Little imps / Crawling about / In silence / My superpower / To find your motives / I know why you said that / Why you are here … Opportunity When you realize / That you are / Nothing / You have two choices… / You can wither / And cry / You can disappear / And die / Or…… You May Disagree Let us not forget / And you may disagree… / Women were once / And still / Property Thin Walls I heard a dog howl / My heart sank / Was he alone? / Was he in peril? / Was he saddened by his prison? / Through the thinness of my walls /… They Bleed I don’t know what I am / Or what I see / Don’t know what the hell / I am supposed to be / I search for a star / Lost in outersp… Before I used to be judgmental / Before I desired what was outside my front door / Before I dared to dream / Before I went after something / Befor… My Mind (strong language) (Mature) Deep Mind A deep mind / A horror for you / For you are smart / Like the devil / With things to hide / And hidden well / A deep mind / Not seeing what… What You Can Have Take the time / To think about / What you can have / Worry not about / What you don’t / Your life will be / Pulled out from / Under y… That Devil Highway (Mature) In the Air Something is in the air… / All that is right / And all that is wrong / The thick smell of it / Causing such chaos / Such strangeness … Letting Go Beauty in these walls / It is not a prison / Beauty in these souls / Open up and listen / Do not destroy by looking / Feel it with your han… Crew of One Crew of one, we row / Towards dreams / They all want / To see our boats / Tossing on the tide / The sea does call / Supplies for two / In t… His Smile Oatmeal is dried on his face / And he’s flung it all over the place / Poop under my nails / My ears shocked by wails / But his smile … The Artist You.. the artist / I lift my eyes coyly / To see magnificence / Working its way / Through my view / And deeper / You.. the artist / I lift … I am a Dog I have to… / For I am a dog / Though I nip no more / For kibbles / I lied… / For I am a dog / I do nip for kibbles / Tied on a … Any Empty Vessel I picked a flower / For it looked like you / I carried it with care / To be delivered / On my way to find you / I tripped and fell / ItR… Love is the Answer Two intertwined / In a graceful dance / It is but a fallacy / To call it romance / Romance dies / It is but dreams / Real is knowing / And … Walk a Mile Walk a mile, baby / Before you kick off those shoes / When you’re through, I’ll be waiting / But you gots to see those blues / … Worship You desire worship / I cannot oblige / Get down on your knees / Admit imperfections / I will slap you about / In your confusion / To seek a… Advise to a Friend Yield to him now / For he is lost / He is a child / In your arms / He has had no strife / We have discussed / But now he broods / In deep w… Zero to Sixty From zero to sixty and back / From red into black / To take up the slack / The halt is but fierce / A noise that will pierce / From zero to… GET ON THAT HORSE! GET ON THAT HORSE / and ride / or set her free / she wants to feel the wind / at tremendous speeds / with the sky blazing / and night / fal… Shatter Called / Invited / Summoned / To be the friend I always wanted to be / The one no one ever asked for / Frozen to the core / Fearing / Prepa… Breathe You are asking me not to / B r e a t h e / How dare you? / Who are you? / Asking me not to / B r e a t h e / How could you? / Why would you…